00-4 Weetabix Promotional Windmill

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Weetabix Promotional Windmill
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Weetabix Promotional Windmill is a Promotional LEGOLAND set released in 1976.


The set contains a windmill on a 8 x 24 green baseplate. The windmill has a black foundation, yellow walls, red roofs and blue doors and windmill blades. The right side of the first story has a raised door with steps leading up to it, while the left side has an arched opening at ground level. There is a roof on top of the first level, with the right side having a chimney and the left side continuing up with a tower. The windmill blades are attached to this tower and they can spin. On top of the tower is another roof with another chimney. Beside the building is a single white fence piece and a pine tree. Also included is a horse and cart. The horse is entirely red except for a yellow ball hitch on back. The horse's ears have possibly the first "illegal build" technique used by The LEGO Group. The cart is mostly blue except for the red wheels, yellow ball hitch and sides, which are white fence pieces. It is loaded with two yellow 2x2 bricks, possibly representing hay bales. Two LEGOLAND figures are included, both have black legs, white torsos and yellow heads, one has a red hat while the other has a white hat.



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