00-3 Weetabix Promotional House 2

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Weetabix Promotional House 2
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2 LEGOLAND Minifigures





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Weetabix Promotional House 2 is a Promotional LEGOLAND set.


The set consists of a red two story house placed on a 8 x 24 green baseplate. The first story has a black foundation. The left side of the first story has white steps leading up to a blue door and a window to the left of the door, while the right side of the first story has a blue door at ground level, a sign to the upper left of the door and a large window with a canopy to the right of the door. The second story has four windows; from left to right: small window, large window, then two more small windows. Just beneath the roof is a white plate that sticks out to represent gutters. The roof is blue and has three chimneys, each made of a black 1x2 brick with two black 1x1 cylinders on top. Toward the right side of the roof are two protruding attic windows made of two 1x1 window frames. To the left of the house on the baseplate are a single white fence piece and a telephone booth made out of two red door pieces and a 2x2 red plate on top. Two LEGOLAND Minifigures are also included, one has yellow legs, a white torso, yellow head and red hair with braids, and the other has white legs, a blue torso, yellow head and black hair with braids. The building is micro-scale, despite the minifigures included.


This set was one of three that appeared in 00-7 Weetabix Promotional LEGO Village. The other two sets included were 00-2 Weetabix Promotional House 1 and 00-4 Weetabix Promotional Windmill.

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