Kim Thomsen

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Kim Thomsen
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Community Manager (Europe and Online), The LEGO Group

Date of Birth:

February 2, 1976



Kim Ellekjær Thomsen (born February 2, 1976) was the community coordinator and later community manager for Europe and online communities at the LEGO Group.


Kim was born in Denmark and grew up as a LEGO fan. As he grew up, education and work became more of a priority and his interest in LEGO declined until 1999 when the Star Wars theme came out. He became a collector of LEGO Star Wars sets and eventually became more active in the adult fan community. In June 2008, Kim became a moderator for the Star Wars forum at, a large LEGO fan forum website. Kim then became a Eurobricks staff member and the head of their entire Star Wars forum. In April 2012, Kim became the community coordinator for European and online LEGO communities and as of January 2015 is an associate community manager for those regions. On November 14, 2019 Kim was fired for breaking LEGO's rules and was swiftly terminated, but at this moment it is unknown why.


  • As a fan, Kim collected every Star Wars set from 1999 until 2012.


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