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An Underworldly Takeover

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

An Underworldly Takeover

An Underworldly Takeover

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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2 Minutes



"An Underworldly Takeover" is the fourth of six Mini-Movies, taking place directly after the Pilot episodes of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Sensei Wu is preparing some tea when Cole enters with a question: how did Lord Garmadon take control of the Underworld? In response, Wu has a flashback to the night Garmadon tried to steal the Golden Weapons, which ended with a battle between brothers and Garmadon's fall to the Underworld.

As Garmadon shouted promises of vengeance at the darkness overhead, he was confronted by Samukai and the Skulkin army. Samukai declared that he had known that Garmadon would return to the realm of the dead at some point, and that he was looking forward to paying him back for the last time Garmadon and Wu had clashed with the Skulkin. As Samukai drew his daggers, Garmadon declared that the prospect of revenge would be a good start.

The two fought as the Skulkin army looked on, but Garmadon quickly gained the upper hand, knocking Samukai's helmet off his head. As the four-armed skeleton attempted to recover, Garmadon used his Spinjitzu to create a tornado of Dark Lightning, sucking Samukai's daggers out of his hands and throwing them back at their owner.

Luckily for Samukai, Garmadon intentionally missed his body, instead pinning him to the wall with his own knives. As the skeleton admitted defeat, Garmadon placed Samukai's helmet on his own head, declaring that there were going to be some changes in the Underworld.

Sensei Wu is shaken from his flashback by Cole, who notes that his mentor still hasn't answered his question. Wu simply informs Cole he assumes Lord Garmadon and Samukai came to a mutual agreement over the matter.


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