Ice Planet 2002

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Ice Planet 2002
Release years:

19931994 (1995, 1999)

Main theme:


Colour scheme:
Concurrent factions:

Space Police II, Blacktron Future Generation, Spyrius, Unitron

Ice Planet 2002 was a subtheme of LEGO Space introduced in 1993, and discontinued in 1994 (despite this, some Ice Planet sets were released in later years).


A rescue squad from Ice Planet 2002 freeing Space Police II's Solar Snooper from the ice.

Ice Planet 2002 represents a "civilian" space affiliation similar to M-Tron and led by Commander Cold. They were conducting top secret research in rocket science, which made them a target for Spyrius, Blacktron II, and even renegade forces within Space Police II. The distinctive hostile, icy setting of the ice planet Krysto meant that most of its vehicles were ground-based, and most were outfitted with the series' signature trans-neon-orange satellite dishes, skis and cockpit coverings. Many other elements were made in this colour, including helmet visors, rockets and chainsaws.

The Logo of Ice Planet 2002

The line's larger sets were all released in the first year, with the second year's releases consisting of just two smaller sets, only one of which was genuinely new. A small promotional set, 3014 Space Diver, a reissue of an earlier set, was released in the US in 1996 and again in Japan in 1999.


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  • The Ice Planet 2002 logo made a cameo appearance in the Space Police III animated short The Chase.
  • Ice Planet 2002 was the first Space theme to include a female Minifigure.
  • The theme made several appearances in LEGO Racers. There was a playable Ice Planet robot character called Roboracer, various car parts displayed the logo, minfigure parts to create Commander Cold were available, and a track was based on the sets.


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