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Classic Space, Futuron


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Screwdriver, Wrench (Engineer) Space Gun (Astronaut)


2006 - Present

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Building can be a fun way to get creative fast! Never be afraid to stray from the building steps and let your imagination run wild!

- Words From the Back of a LEGO Club Magazine, School Edition

Hello! I am Camotoy, an imaginative and playful LEGO fan. My favorite LEGO themes are Blacktron II, Bionicle, Exo-Force, and Classic Space, among others. My favorite LEGO Movie character is BENNY!

For my customs, I know I cannot be the best, but my goal is to make the best customs I can with the pieces I have or can afford.

LEGO History[edit]

I was introduced to Duplo at a young age, collecting Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder. My first LEGO set I can recall was 7700 Stealth Hunter, and from that point on I collected the first year of Exo-Force. I collected all the Toa Metru, Piraka, Toa Inika, and Toa Mahri Bionicle series.

In LEGO Events[edit]

Shortly after the founding of the Lunarian Programs, Camotoy signed up as an engineer and builder for it. Being an amateur, he was tested by Frank for building a spaceship for him. He succeeded well. He quickly rose to Lunaria's top builders, building nearly every one of their spacecraft. He continued making spacecraft until a financial crisis came for the group. Camotoy showed great leadership for someone of a still young age, and was promoted to a Vice Admiral. Camotoy continues his legacy, still building spacecraft and teaching younger ones to go past the best for excellence.

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This user was Customiser of the Month in April 2014



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