6073 Knight's Castle

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Knight's Castle
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    Black Falcons

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6073 Knight's Castle is a Castle Black Falcons set released in 1984. It contained a castle, two horses and six Minifigures, including two archers, two guards and two knights on horseback. This was the first of two castles of the Falcons, the second one being 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress.



The Knight's Castle was the original stronghold of the faction known today as the Black Falcons. This set was a contemporary of the Crusaders' 6080 King's Castle and mirrored its overall structure albeit being smaller and lacking a proper gatehouse. It was built on a series of separate green plates, rather than large baseplates, and featured a prison cell and a winch to raise and lower the drawbridge. The prison cell was built into the ground floor of the tower at the right and was closed by a thick black brick-built door attached with hinged bricks, rather than utilizing a one-piece door element. It was manned by two mounted knights, two spear-carrying guards, and two archers.

The castle could also be opened up, allowing access to the interior.

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  • Despite widespread photographic proof to the contrary, some people claim that the Black Falcon's banners were coloured green and white in this set, and were changed to blue and white with the release of 1986's 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress.
  • For reasons which remain unclear, the entryway of the otherwise all gray Knight's Castle is constructed of red bricks, including the fore-mentioned winch. The drawbridge of the original '70s castle was similarly red.
  • The walls featured a design similar to those of other LEGO Castle sets of the 1980s. These modular wall segments could be connected via Technic pins, allowing them to recombine into bigger structures.

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