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King's Castle
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4 Knights, 4 Archers, 4 Soldiers





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6080 King's Castle is a Castle Crusaders set released in 1984. It includes a large castle, four horses and twelve minifigures, comprising four archers, two spearmen, two battleaxe fighters and four knights.


The castle with the rear walls folded open.

The castle consists of a rectangular wall with two towers on the rear corners and a gatehouse at the front. The gatehouse has a drawbridge and a portcullis. The whole building is made up of three segments of which the two rear smaller segments (with the towers) are connected by hingebricks to the rear corners of the fore segment with the gatehouse. This allows to fold the castle open, similar to the later 6085 Black Monarch's Castle. Under the rear right tower is a prison cell shut by a normal door locked with a bar. The walkway behind the crenelation at the rear wall could be reached via a stairway built upon the divide between the two rear segments.

The archers wear uniforms with lion crests on their torso pieces, while the other guards have torsos with halberd crests. The four knights have torsos with printed on breast armour.

This is the first of two Crusaders castles, the second one being 6081 King's Mountain Fortress from 1990.


The completed set
  • The castles overall structure is similar to the Black Knights's 6085 Black Monarch's Castle from 1989, which had a similar segmentation with hingebricks as well as two towers, a prison and a gatehouse on the same positions as in this set.
  • The white saddle piece appears only here and in 6021 Jousting Knights from the same year.
  • Although named King's Castle, this set does not include a distinguished king minifigure. Still, one of the 4 mounted knights stands out because only he has yellow shield and double flag, therefore maybe he represents a king. The first actual king appeared in the Royal Knights line in 1995.
  • The castle in the 2010 set 7946 King's Castle bears a superficial resemblance to this set.

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