7094 King's Castle Siege

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King's Castle Siege
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Crown King
Lead General
Crown Knight (4)
Skeleton Warrior (2)
Armored Skeleton
Black Skeleton Warrior


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    Castle (2007)

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7094 King's Castle Siege is a Castle (2007) set released in 2007. The set includes the Crown King's Castle, an evil dragon, and 10 minifigures: The Crown King, the Lead General four Crown Knights (two soldier and two archers), two Skeleton Warriors , an Armored Skeleton , and a Black Skeleton Warrior.


Gateway and Front Towers

At the front of the castle are two towers. At the bottom of these are a large rock piece, which above is a octagon tower. On top of this is a platform encircled with battlements. On each of the towers is a small catapult at the back and a large crown shield at the front. The two towers are connected together by the main gateway. This has a drawbridge that can open and close, and a portcullis that can open and shut. Above the archway that connects the towers together is a shield and some decorated battlements.


The two side walls are different. In the middle of the right is a rock piece and a semi-cirlce or battlements coming out, with a large catapult in the middle. The other wall has a break-in section.

Prison Tower

At the far back left corner is a prison supported on four poles. Above this is a platform with battlements encircling it apart from a space for a bridge to the main tower.

Main Tower

At the far back of the castle is a pair of black doors. Above this supported on two dark blue pillars is a platform encircled with battlements. In the middle of the platform is the King's throne. Above the throne is a wall that has another platform above it. On the right this connects onto the prison tower, and on the left is another tower on a ledge. In the middle is a treasure chest. Four posts on this support another platform encircled with battlements.


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