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Constraction is a toyline of constructable action figures which evolved from the TECHNIC toyline. The first constraction sets were released in 1999 with Slizers (or Throwbots in the United States). The TECHNIC banner appeared on the packaging for early constraction themes, including Slizers, RoboRiders, and BIONICLE until 2002 when BIONICLE and Galidor began to rely on their own branding. Constraction has seen a wide variety of design styles, including TECHNIC-intensive builds, usage of balls and sockets or snapping joints, large stylized parts reminiscent of real action figures, or a combination of those and other aspects. Since 2012, constraction sets have been standardized to use the Character and Creature Building System.

Like TECHNIC parts and the rare DUPLO piece, constraction elements are not necessarily exclusive to constraction themes and have found their way into LEGO sets from other toylines. As such, parts from other toylines, particularly TECHNIC and sometimes System, have bled into constraction products.

Though constraction themes oftentimes stand on their own, Knights' Kingdom II, Super Heroes and Legends of Chima have had sets featuring constraction figures, which have also become known as Ultrabuilds within the fan community in more recent years.

List of themes[edit | edit source]

* Marks that this theme was recognized as a subtheme of TECHNIC. The TECHNIC banner only appeared on BIONICLE sets in 2001.