851027 Spider-Man Key Chain

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Spider-Man Key Chain
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851027 Spider-Man Key Chain is a Spider-Man themed key chain that was released in 2004. It features Spider-Man in key chain form.


Spider-Man has his Spider-Man 2 costume on which features a red face, hip-piece, torso and hands along with dark blue arms and legs. The torso is also dominated by a dark blue and red mix. Featuring a silver webbing pattern and a black spider on the chest. The back has silver webbing printing with a LEGO logo in the center of the back. Also complimented with the silver webbing is Spider-Man's face and back of the head. The keychain has a silver chain and keyring. There are two chains in which one holds a printed 2x2 tile with the LEGO logo printed on the front. The chain on Spider-Man holds the head, torso, and hips together so the minifigure does not fall apart.

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