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Star Wars Miniland

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Star Wars Miniland
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The Beginning



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The Star Wars Miniland is an area of The Beginning (Windsor). This was opened in March 2012 on the site of the old LEGO Creation Centre. It contains seven sections depicting eight separate planets from the seven Star Wars films. At the end of the experience there are giant LEGO models of R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca and Darth Vader in a LEGO Star Wars shop.

LEGOLAND Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGOLAND Windsor. Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) The Force is coming to LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort March 2012

Take a trip to a galaxy far, far away at the UK’s only indoor LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Experience at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. Enjoy seven of the most famous scenes from the six live-action Star Wars movies, as well as a scene from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ all made out of 1.5 million LEGO® bricks built in 1:20 scale. Follow the chronological path through the Star Wars timeline and retrace the major events of the beloved Saga featuring 2,000 LEGO® models, authentic sounds and lighting effects in the ultimate LEGO® Star Wars experience.

The Clone Wars: Christophsis[edit]

The first area brings us to a scene from the animated series The Clone Wars on the planet Christophsis. Chronologically, the series takes place between Episode II and Episode III and focuses on the adventures of Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The LEGO scene depicts part of the planet’s surface, with the largest of all LEGO Star Wars models: an approximately 8-foot tall building from the Crystal City. It includes Asajj Ventresse's ship with droids attacking the Clones protecting the crystal Palace. The display has changing lighting which lights the sets up in different colours.

Episode I: Naboo[edit]

Naboo is one of the most geographically varied planets in the Star Wars galaxy. This scene depicts the Battle of Naboo and the capital Theed – both the Royal Palace and the hangar can be seen here, the palace has six statues in front of the entrance. In this battle scene, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn encounter and fight the Sith apprentice, Darth Maul. Inside the palace hanger it has an animated Naboo Star Fighter. It has the battle a Naboo battle droids and droidekas, along with assault vehicles and Armoured Assault Tanks attacking the native Gungans riding Kaadu birds and Fambaas.

Episode II: Geonosis[edit]

In this scene, visitors have a fantastic view of the Geonosis arena, in which Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker battle ferocious creatures such as the cat like Nexus and viscous Acklays. See Anakin riding a wild Reek he's tamed with the force. Witness the clash between Count Dooku’s droid army and the Grand Army of the Republic, with Clone jumping out of Republic Gunships. Vehicles include the LAAT and AT-TE ships.

Episode III: Kashyyyk and Mustafar[edit]

In this scene, two planets are revealed: Kashyyyk and Mustafar. On one side, you'll be placed right into the Battle of Kashyyyk – the home of Chewbacca and the Wookiees. Here you'll discover fantastic vehicles modeled from LEGO bricks, such as the massive Clone Turbo Tank attacking the Seperatist Gunship and the spider and Tank Droids invading the beach. On the other side, catch a glimpse of the fateful duel on Mustafar between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Whilst R2-D2 and C3PO wait by a Star Skiff. R2-D2 has changing coloured lights.

Episode IV: Tatooine[edit]

Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO and R2-D2 can be spotted in this desert planet...introducing Tatooine. Here you'll discover Uncle Owen’s moisture farm, where Luke Skywalker lived as a child and look at it from minifigure eyes from a plastic dome; peek inside the Cantina where the animated Cantina Band plays and stand above the spaceport where the largest LEGO model of Han Solo's famous starship, the Millennium Falcon, sits ready for take-off.

Episode V: Hoth[edit]

The Rebels take refuge on this icy planet, but the Empire tracks them down and the Rebels are forced to flee. Introducing... Hoth. This scene features LEGO models of the Imperial AT-ATs, Rebel snowspeeders and Luke Skywalker’s X-wing starfighter. Look closely and you'll see Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. It includes a giant Wampa minifigure.

Episode VI: Endor[edit]

Next we travel to a forest moon and home of the Ewoks, who fight against the Imperial Forces alongside the Rebels, Endor with Yoda hiding between the trees. The Endor system plays a key role in Return of the Jedi as the site of the Battle of Endor, fought to prevent construction of the second Death Star. This scene presents the final victory of the Rebel Alliance over the Empire. Here you can view a large-scale model of an Imperial shuttle on its landing platform, delivering a fearsome passenger - the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader.