Batman and Robin

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Batman and Robin

US $14.99[1]


June 1, 2012


Pickable Models
    DC Comics Super Heroes

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This article is about the Pickable Model. For the minifigures, see Batman (Minifigure) and Robin.

Batman and Robin is a DC Comics Super Heroes Pickable Model that was released on June 1 in the US and June 6 in the UK in 2012. It was only available at LEGO Stores.

Description[edit | edit source]

It uses bricks to build Batman and Robin, but the design resembles the Batman variation more than the Super Heroes variation. Batman's suit is grey, with a yellow belt, a bat-shaped cowl, black gloves, tights and boots. His logo is on his chest, and is a sticker. Robin's suit is red, with a black and yellow belt, green sleeves, gloves, tights and boots. He has a black mask on his face, along with black short hair. His logo is on the left side of his chest.

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