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Project X (Florida)

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Project X is a roller coaster situated in the LEGO TECHNIC themed area of Legoland Florida.

It previously operated at LEGOLAND Windsor from 2004 until the end of the 2009 season. It was situated in Adventure Land in-between Wave Surfer and Dino Safari.

It is a wild mouse roller coaster, a type known for hairpin bends and small but thrilling drops.


Project X is a MACK Wild Mouse Roller Coaster, themed around LEGO TECHNIC that opened in time for the 2004 season. It had a minimum height restriction of 42 inches, with guests under 48 inches having to be accompanied by an adult. It created Adventure Land, and opened up the area behind the now named Adventure Land Lake.

Closure and relocation[edit]

It started off with LEGOLAND's neighbours complaining about the noise generated by the ride and the screams of the riders, so they complained about it to the park quite a few times. LEGOLAND then had to put a 'hood' onto the cars to drown out the noise made by the riders. It worked but increased the weight of the cars considerably meaning that they could now only load a maximum of two adults; adults are classed as over 1.4m so this greatly reduced capacity, and increased loading time which increased queues. During weekends queues for The Jungle Coaster could reach up to 2 hours which was not good for the park at all.

So they closed the ride in LEGOLAND Windsor, and in its place the LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel was constructed, which opened in March 2012.

The Jungle Coaster has been relocated to LEGOLAND Florida where it opened on October 15, 2011.