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The Greatest Fear of All

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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"The Greatest Fear of All"

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season №:


Episode №:



The Hageman Brothers

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

February 21, 2015 (Asia)



"The Greatest Fear of All" is the ninth episode in the fourth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the 43rd episode of the series as a whole.

Official Description[edit]

The ninja reunite with Wu and turn to the aid of a shrunken Pythor in order to figure out how to defeat the unstoppable Anacondrai - but before they can get answers, Pythor is abducted by the Anacondrai and Chen uses his essence to make his worshippers' transformation into Anacondrai permanent.

Characters (In order of Appearance)[edit]

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