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Traffic (Windsor)

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The Traffic is an area in LEGOLAND Windsor dedicated to learning how to do things, for instance there is the Driving School, Boating School, Balloon School and Fire Academy. The area is in-between DUPLO Land and LEGO City

Driving School is a ride for 6-13 year olds, it is a large area designed with many connecting roads, traffic lights, road signs and pedestrian crossing. A license is available at the end for all the drivers.

Driving School

Learner Drivers is a miniature version of Driving School but for children who are aged 3–5, and includes an oval shaped road with one set of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing. There is a license at the end of the ride as well.

The Boating School is similar to Driving School, the only difference is that the rider is inside a boat. People can travel around a winding course with various LEGO models to look at including an elephant who will attempt to spray water at the riders.

Fire Academy Trucks

Fire Academy is a ride where families can go head to head with each-other and try to fight the fire in LEGO City. Riders will push levers to make their way in a fire truck to the fire. They then will run to the hydrant and push another lever to blast the water at the fire. When the fire is out, a siren will sound and it's a race back to the finish line.

In Balloon School, the place lets people fly in hot air balloons around a circular rotation, in groups of 4 or less. There is a cord which can be either be pulled in order to go higher, or released to go lower, and when at full height it gives a panorma-wide view of LEGOLAND Windsor and the surrounding attractions.