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Brickipedia's Policies


In order for something to change, Brickipedians have to work together and come to a consensus as to how the wiki is changed. The system that we use to form a consensus is merely applied discussion.

General proposals[edit source]

Any Brickipedian can submit a proposal - such as a change to the Manual of Style - at Brickipedia:Forum. It will then be discussed by the community. If the community agrees, there is a consensus and the proposal is either enacted or rejected. If there is no consensus, the proposal will be closed at an administrator's discretion. If a discussion has unanimous support after a week, it will pass regardless of how many users support it.

Specific pages[edit source]

Certain pages have different vote processes and rules. These can be found on the relevant pages. Examples include BP:RfA and BP:BoTM. With the exception of Brickipedian of the Month, unanimous support after a week will be regarded as a pass, superseding other vote rules.