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Brickipedia's Policies


Brickipedia has a signature policy, so that all users are able to read and easily edit talk pages and other places where users might place their signatures.

  • All content in signatures must be "G-rated", that is, suitable to be viewed by all audiences.

Coding[edit source]

These coding restrictions were put in place so that users can read pages easily in code form, without having to sift through large amounts of signature code, which can at times be confusing or frustrating.

  • Signatures must not take up more than one line of code. For example,
[[User:username|username]] [[user talk:username|talk]]

is acceptable, but

username]] [[user talk:username|talk]]

is not.

  • Make it short. It is irritating to have to work around a sig with millions of characters of code. When someone edits a page in source mode, your signature should appear short; the general limit is 100 characters. Step 2 of this guide shows you how to make complicated sigs with only a few characters of code.
  • Images must be 30 pixels or smaller in height. Please note, if you wish to set an image to the maximum height, you should use [[File:imagename.jpg|x30px]]. "x__px" is used to set an image's height, as opposed to the more commonly used "px".
  • Signatures should not contain line breaks, block elements, or anything that breaks a page's formatting.
  • Elements with absolute or fixed positions should not be used, and neither should elements with relative positions with extreme locations.
  • Signatures should not contain elements that cover up other parts of the page.
  • <blink>, <marquee>, and equivalent CSS or any other code displaying that element are not permitted.
  • Signatures must not categorise pages in any way.
  • Unclosed HTML tags or other wiki markup should not be used.
  • You must include your username or something that references your username as a courtesy to readers- the whole point of a signature is to see who left a message.

Display[edit source]

  • Excluding text displaying the user's username, no more than 50 characters are to be displayed in a user signature.