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The following has been set up due to a recent influx in adding categories, many of which were not complying to the past standard. If you wish to add a category, please follow the below guidelines until an official policy is created. The page is currently still under construction

List of template catgeories not to add[edit source]

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The following categories are added to automatically by templates, and should not in any circumstances be manually added to an article. It is extremely important not to add the categories listed in bold to an article, and continually doing so after a warning may result in a block.

Set articles[edit source]

Categories on set articles should include:

  • A category of the theme (or subtheme) the set is in. This should be the lowest level theme the category is involved in, the one which is the most specified. For example, Space Police III sets should be categorized into Category:Space Police III sets, but not Category:Space
  • A category of the item number range the set is in, for example, Category:8000 sets
  • A category of the year's release, eg Category:2001

The following categories are also permitted, if applicable:

The following categories should not be added to set articles:

Set articles also include Key Chains, Magnets and similar, so all sets using a {{Set}} template.

Figure articles[edit source]

Categories on minifigure articles should include:

Minifigure articles should not include the following categories:

Theme articles[edit source]

Should contain:

Should not contain:

Part articles[edit source]

Should contain:

Should not contain:

Review articles[edit source]

Review articles should not have any categories manually added to them- all categories are correctly added with the correct code surrounding by the appropriate review page and user review templates.

Year articles[edit source]

Should contain:

Categories which should not be created[edit source]

  • Duplicate categories
  • "In-universe" catgeories, such as "Category:Jedi", or "Category:Villains".