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Brickipedia's Policies

This is a current list of the IRC rules, which is maintained by administrators and channel operators. In general, Use common sense.

Prohibited Topics[edit source]

These are topics that you are currently not allowed to talk about completely.

  • Attacks on Users - Attacks on Users will not be accepted at any point. It is not nice and you can hurt other people's feelings. If you have something bad to say about a user, keep it to yourself or voice it to that user in a polite way. This will not be accepted by any operator and you will receive at least a week-long ban from the Brickipedia IRC channel for such attacks.
  • Impersonation - Pretending to be another user is not acceptable. It is not nice to mislead others or humiliate (on rare occasion) other users. We will not accept this in the IRC channel or on the wiki. It is not nice and should not be done. Impersonation charges will be dealt with by Lcawte and Ajraddatz and punishment will not be light.
  • Sexual content - No sexual content of any type should be discussed, shared or mentioned on the Brickipedia IRC channel. This includes linking to pornography or any similar sites or media.