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Brickipedia's Policies

The following is a list of policies which relate to only articles which are based on a particular theme or subtheme.

BIONICLE[edit source]

  1. BIONICLE-related articles should only be on sets and other official products (such as DVD's), and not on topics such as tribes, characters and objects. If you feel that information about one of these is relevant, provide an external link to the Bionicle Wiki.
    This excludes pages such as Matoran and Bohrok, which in some ways could be considered subthemes.
  2. B.I.O. codes should not be provided anywhere on Brickipedia.

Exo-Force[edit source]

  1. The Exo-Force codes of all 2007 or 2008 Exo-Force sets are not allowed anywhere on Brickipedia. The only exception is the fact that all of the 2007 codes consist of eight characters and start with "XF".

Hero Factory[edit source]

  1. The Hero Factory 2012 or 2013 set codes should not be provided anywhere on Brickipedia.

Legends of Chima[edit source]

  1. Chima Vault codes should not be provided anywhere on Brickipedia.

LEGO Universe[edit source]

  1. All major concepts and characters should have their own pages.
  2. All minor concepts, items and characters should be placed on a list.

My LEGO Network[edit source]

  1. The only page which relates only to My LEGO Network should be the article about the game itself. Other such pages belong on the My LEGO Network Wiki.