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Brickipedia's Policies

Thanks to Brickipedia's recognition by The LEGO Group as a LUG (LEGO User Group), we are periodically offered free LEGO sets. Because we are the LEGO wiki that anyone can edit, you are currently eligible to receive sets for reviews or other projects, no matter your experience with us! You can see what sets we currently have available and setup a request here, but keep in mind that being familiar with Brickipedia's community and/or having an example of the use you intend to put the set(s) to will help your request to pass.

If you are or would like to receive a free a set through Brickipedia, please

  • Have a camera: Or someway to take decent pictures/video of your work.
  • Be prepared to pay for shipping: Though the sets themselves are free, it is very likely that the burden of shipping will fall on you.
  • Host your work on Brickipedia: You are receiving the sets through us, so if your project is web-based, we ask that you host it here. Even if it is something offline, LEGO will need a report of it and we would love to share the story through Brickipedia News.
  • You do not need to write a review: But you do have to do something productive with the set that can be used to promote the site and grow the community, it isn't just for collecting dust on your shelf; be creative.
  • Say thank you: Not necessarily to us, but to The LEGO Group. If you receive a set, whatever the purpose, you should acknowledge that it was provided by LEGO.
  • You may not sell your set(s): These are not for your monetary gain. They are for building and supporting our community.
  • You will have to share shipping details: After your request an admin, likely Berrybrick, will be in contact to receive your name, address, email, and preferred transaction provider (such as PayPal). These will then be passed on to ToaMeiko, who will provide you with a shipping quote and mail the set(s).
  • Review embargoes: Sometimes LEGO will offer us hotly anticipated sets before their official reveal and want to keep it a surprise. If you are lucky enough to be asked by an admin to review one of these sets (and kind enough to accept) you will be given an embargo date. Do not under any circumstances publish your review before that date. If you are receiving a set through our giveaway request page, you do not have to worry about these dates.
  • Use Common Sense: Forever and always, this applies. LEGO will be seeing your project. Do not embarrass yourself.

Any more questions? Ask Berrybrick.