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Brickipedia's Policies


This is the protection policy for Brickipedia's administrators to use as a guideline.

Brickipedian administrators do not need to follow a strict policy for protecting individual pages, as they are trusted with making the right choices. However, there are general guidelines which can be used.

  • Protecting obvious vandalism pages from creation (E.G. Poop)
  • Protecting high-use templates (E.G. Template:Warn1)
  • Protecting high-use pages, including userpages with a large history of vandalism.
  • Protecting a page after more than one count of vandalism within a week.
  • Protecting a page that is a source of conflict amongst other editors.

Protectsite[edit source]

Administrators also have access to the Protectsite extension, which allows them to prevent certain actions from different user groups. The five categories covered by the extension are:

  • Restrict account creation to registered users or administrators.
  • Restrict page creation to registered users or administrators.
  • Restrict page editing to registered users or administrators.
  • Restrict moving of pages to administrators only.
  • Restrict uploading files to administrators only.

Each of these areas can be protected across Brickipedia for up to 12 hours. This extension should only be used in cases of high vandalism, with multiple users/IPs involved.