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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "Gold<br/>Blue". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Pluto  + (Figure<br />DUPLO Brick)
  • Barriss Offee  + (Film variant<br />''The Clone Wars'' variant <br /> 2018 variant)
  • Wilhuff Tarkin  + (Film<br/>''Rebels''<br />Film <small>(redesigned)</small>)
  • Finn  + (Finn - ''The Force Awakens''<br/>Finn - ''The Last Jedi''<br />FN-2187<br/>First Order officer disguise)
  • Shark Army Angler  + (Fish/blade<br>Fish/mace)
  • Flama  + (Flama<br/>Ultimate Flama)
  • Andrea  + (Flame yellow orange top and aqua skirt<
    Flame yellow orange top and aqua skirt
    Bright yellowish green cropped top and white trousers
    Bright yellowish green top and layered aqua skirt
    White top and flame yellow orange layered skirt
    Bright reddish violet tank top and bright yellowish orange skirt
    Medium azur v neck and bright reddish violet trousers
    Flame yellow orange top and bright yellowish green
    White top and brick yellow shorts
    Pop star
    From 41316
    wish green<br />White top and brick yellow shorts<br />Winter<br />Pop star<br/>From 41316)
  • Gingerbread Man  + (Forehead spots<Br />No forehead spots)
  • Police Officer (4 Plus)  + (Four)
  • Mr. E  + (Four Arms)
  • Frank Honey  + (Frank Honey<br />Intern Honey)
  • Tim  + (Freestyle versions)
  • Race Official  + (Frightened, Stern, Snowmobile Rider)
  • Solomon Blaze  + (Galaxy Squad<br />Ultra Agent)
  • Star Wars Creatures  + (Ammo Cart, Normal)
  • Driver (2016)  + (Garbage Truck driver<br />Off Roader driver)
  • General Magmar  + (General Magmar<br/>Ultimate General Magmar)
  • Child (2017 City)  + (Girl (green clothing)<br/>Boy (green jacket)<br/>Girl (pink shirt)<br/>Boy (red clothing))
  • Child (2015 DUPLO)  + (Girl<br />Boy)
  • Mechanic (2015)  + (Glasses<br />No glasses)
  • Red Team Player  + (Goalkeeper<br />[[Brown]] hair, moustache<br />[[Brick-Yellow|Blonde]] hair<br />[[Black]] hair, moustache<br />Brown hair<br />Black hair)
  • Blue Team Player  + (Goalkeeper<br />[[Brown]] hair, moustache<br />[[Brick-Yellow|Blonde]] hair<br />[[Black]] hair, moustache<br />Brown hair<br />Black hair)
  • Black Team Player  + (Goalkeeper<br />[[Brown]] hair, moustache<br />[[Brick-Yellow|Blonde]] hair<br />[[Black]] hair, moustache<br />Brown hair<br />Black hair)
  • Americas Team Player  + (Goalkeeper<br />[[Brown]] hair, moustache<br />[[Brick-Yellow|Blonde]] hair<br />[[Black]] hair, moustache<br />Brown hair<br />Black hair)
  • Cragger  + (Gold Armour<br />Big Silver Armour<br />Cragger's 2014 Variant<br />Fire Variant<br />Fire Variant (no armour)<br />Fire Wings)
  • Lennox  + (Golden Armour<br />Silver Armour<br />No Armour)
  • Valiant Knight  + (Golden Breastplate, Silver Breastplate)
  • Killmonger  + (Golden Jaguar<br/>Mask)
  • Rawzom  + (Golden armour<br />Silver armour)
  • Mr. Cunningham  + (Gray-striped shirt, White-striped shirt)
  • Gilderoy Lockhart  + (Green Robes<br />Pink Robes)
  • Remus Lupin  + (Green Suit<br />Wolf Head<br />Tan Suit)
  • Bain Son of Bard  + (Green coat<br />Brown coat)
  • Zotaxian  + (Green helmet / Yellow helmet<br />With / Without oxygen tanks<br />Blue / Black oxygen tanks<br />With / Without shoulder armour<br />Black / Grey shoulder armoury<br />Different leg, torso and head printing / Colour)
  • Julian  + (Green jacket<br/>Red shirt)
  • Part:6027  + (Green, Dark Green, Dark Gray, Red)
  • Alien Buggoid  + (Green<br />Red)
  • Parademon  + (Green<br/>Yellow)
  • Unicorn  + (Grey)
  • Rex (Power Miners)  + (Grey Bowler <small>(No helmet)</small>, Silver Suit)
  • Verne McCreedy  + (Grey Cap<br />Knapsack<br />Khaki Pants<br />Hot Tub)
  • Zombie (Minifigures)  + (Grey Suit<br />Brown Suit)
  • Clone Commander  + (Grey armour<br />Black armour)
  • Lucius Malfoy  + (Grey coat, black coat, Death Eater, redesign)
  • Gamorrean Guard  + (Grey torso<br />Brown torso<br />2012 Redesign)
  • First Order Officer  + (Grey uniform, 2015<br/>Blue uniform<br/>Grey uniform, 2017)
  • The Riddler  + (Hair <small>(Batman)</small>&l
    Hair (Batman)
    Hair - Jetpack (Batman)
    Grey bowler hat (DC Comics Super Heroes)
    Racing suit (DC Comics Super Heroes)
    1966 TV series (DC Comics Super Heroes)
    Suit (''The LEGO Batman Movie'')
    Arkham Asylum inmate (''The LEGO Batman Movie'')
    Suit <small>(''The LEGO Batman Movie'')</small><br/>Arkham Asylum inmate <small>(''The LEGO Batman Movie'')</small><br />Microfigure)
  • Agent Charge  + (Hair<br />Hair <small>(Body armour)</small><br />Helmet)
  • Agent Fuse  + (Hair<br />Hair <small>(Body armour)</small><br />Helmet)
  • Snakes Squealer  + (Hands<br />No Hands)