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The Hulk
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The Hulk




May 16 2012


Marvel Super Heroes

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5000022 The Hulk is a promotional Marvel Super Heroes set released in May 2012. It includes a comic-style Hulk minifigure. It was given away free to anyone that bought anything that was US $50/UK £50 or more from LEGO Shop at home from May 16–31, 2012. In the UK, the same promotion ran again from August 1–10, 2012, but the set was this time given away with any purchase of £25 or more.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hulk has green legs, printed with ragged purple shorts. His green torso is printed with muscles, and he has green arms and hands. He has a green head, printed with a raging expression. He has black eyes with white pupils, and a black mouth with white teeth. He has bushy black hair.

Background[edit | edit source]

This version of The Hulk is based on his appearances in the Incredible Hulk comic book series.

Minifigures Included[edit | edit source]

The Hulk (Comic variant)

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