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Brickipedia's Policies


Brickipedia is a LEGO encyclopedia and, as a means to that end, an online community of people interested in building an encyclopedia in a spirit of mutual respect. Therefore, there are certain things that Brickipedia is not.

What Brickipedia is not[edit source]

Brickipedia is not another set database[edit source]

Articles describing sets should contain more than just numbers about piece count or release year and need more detailed descriptions of a set's content and the included functions. Articles about themes should also be more than mere lists of its respective sets or minifigures.

Brickipedia is not a shopping website[edit source]

Items cannot be purchased through Brickipedia.

Brickipedia is not a collection of LEGO ads[edit source]

Citing LEGO's official descriptions for the sake of completeness is okay, but the articles should also contain a more neutral description as well as background information.

Brickipedia is not Wookieepedia, Harry Potter Wiki etc.[edit source]

If you are writing an article about a character minifigure or other things that appeared in movies, keep in mind that all of this should be limited to facts that are connected to the actual sets. The fact that Owen Lars is the uncle of Luke Skywalker may be relevant to this wiki. However, the fact that he was born by Aika Lars on the Core World Ator is not.

Brickipedia is not a file hosting site[edit source]

Images uploaded to Brickipedia should be designed for use on the wiki. Other files should be uploaded to a file hosting site such as imgur or Brickshelf. In addition, confidential images such as preliminary sets should never be uploaded to Brickipedia.

Brickipedia is not for unofficial content[edit source]

For fan-created content, see fan.

What your user page is not[edit source]

Your user page is not your primary contribution to this wiki

Your user page and any associated sub pages are meant to give some information about yourself, and to help organize your contributions to Brickipedia. For example, you may wish to include a list of the LEGO sets you own, list some articles you worked on that you're proud of, or mention the articles and projects you intend to work on. You might also want to give personal information like your user name on LEGO communities, your favourite LEGO themes, what languages you speak, or a link to your personal page on another site.

Your user page should not be thought of as a personal homepage. In particular, toying around with unrelated stuff, or putting up a "collection" of dozens of userboxes or images, is not particularly helpful to Brickipedia. Your user page should help you contribute to writing and editing articles for this project—it is not a substitute for improving the articles on this wiki.

Similar official policies on other online encyclopedias[edit source]

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