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The BIONICLE storyline started in 2001 to accompany the BIONICLE sets. Through online serials, it continued past the theme's discontinuation in 2010 and into 2011. BIONICLE was reintroduced in 2015 with a new storyline and reimagined versions of Makuta and the Toa Mata but ended again in 2016. For a list of released sets and other factions, see here.

History[edit | edit source]

2001[edit | edit source]

The Toa Mata

On a tropical Island called Mata Nui, six Toa heroes wash ashore in six Toa Canisters. After building themselves up, they discover their Kanohi masks and their elemental powers: Fire, Water, Stone, Earth, Air and Ice. The Toa, named Toa Mata, each meet the Turaga, the elders of each village, or Nui, on Mata Nui. Eventually, they meet each other and discuss the next course of action. They begin to search their own five other masks, hidden on Mata Nui. Each mask that they found had the powers of one of the other Toa Mata's masks. They encounter dangerous Rahi, animals which attack them during their quest, and learn about Makuta Teridax. As the Toa collected their masks, they head for Kini-Nui to receive their Golden Kanohi which give them the abilities of all six masks in one mask, without the need to summon the other masks of power. They travel to Mangaia, Makuta's lair, to face him. The Toa Mata fuse together to form Akamai and Wairuha to battle a horde of Manas, until they vanquish them, the Toa move towards Teridax. Being seperate again, they begin to battle Makuta in his Vortex form, one of his many forms he can take. But the Toa don't manage to defeat him and are teleported to Kini-Nui again. Takua, who followed the Toa, discovers the Bohrok as they begin to hatch. He escapes to the Ta-Wahi beach.

2002[edit | edit source]

Insectoid creatures called Bohrok are awakened and rampage over Mata Nui to destroy everything they can see. The entire village of Le-Koro is overrun by the Levahk, who replace the village's inhabitants' masks with Krana, living beings which control the Bohrok or the wearer. Lewa hears the news of his village being overrun and goes to help. He soon discovers it is a trap as Turaga Matau greets him by replacing his Mask of Power with a Krana. Lewa and the village are saved by Onua and a group of Onu-Matoran in Boxor vehicles, built from Bohrok parts.

Lehvak, a Bohrok.

The Toa originally believed that the Bohrok were otherworldly beings. However, when Tahu and Kopaka discover and enter a Bohrok nest, they discover that the Bohrok came from under Mata Nui. They leave to join with the other Toa and enter the Bahrag's lair. By placing all collected Krana in special niches, the Toa Mata unlock a passage to six Exo-Toa, armored and armed suits that the Toa can wear. They begin to battle the Bohrok queens Cahdok and Gahdok, but soon realize that the suits hinder their elemental powers, which they need to defeat the queens. After shedding their armor, they manage to defeat the Bahrag by encasing them in Protodermis into a Toa Seal. Suddenly, the ground begins to move and the Toa fall into energized Protodermis, transforming them into Toa Nuva, improved forms of themselves. They manage to escape the collapsing roof.

2003[edit | edit source]

After the Toa Nuva imprisoned the Bahrag queens, six elite Bohrok, called Bohrok-Kal, are awakened and plan to defeat the Toa Nuva and awake the queens again. They steal their Nuva symbols, which results in the Toa Nuva losing their elemental powers. The Toa find out on the new group of Bohrok and join together to recover another six sets of Kanohi masks. They battle the Bohrok-Kal, Lewa, Gali and Kopaka even merging into Wairuha Nuva to stop three Bohrok-Kal. But they also merge into a Kaita, Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja, and defeat the Toa.

The Bohrok-Kal

The Bohrok-Kal eventually travel to the Bohrok Nest with the Nuva Symbols. The Toa follow them and witness the Exo-Toa fighting the elite Bohrok to guard the Nuva Cube. The Exo-Toa are defeated and the Bohrok-Kal are ready to fit the Nuva symbols onto the Nuva Cube to awaken the Bahrag and release the Bohrok swarms again, just as Tahu uses the Kanohi Vahi to slow down time around the Bohrok-Kal. But their Krana-Kal turn silver, protecting them from this threat.

The Toa Nuva then let their powers flow through their Nuva Symbols, increasing the powers of the Bohrok-Kal. But that power is too much for them and they are destroyed by their own power. The Nuva Symbols are destroyed. The Toa recover the Krana-Kal and leave the nest.

The Matoran celebrate Naming Day and rebuild themselves from their old, small to a bigger, stronger body. Takua and Jaller discover a carved stone in an underground cave and melt it in lava, revealing the Mask of Light. He hands it to the Turaga, who tell them they have to go on a quest to find the seventh Toa, the Toa of Light. Makuta, sensing this event, releases six Rahkshi to stop the pair finding the seventh Toa. Shortly after leaving Ta-Koro, the Rahkshi attack the village, destroying it and poisoning Tahu.

Meanwhile, the two travel to Le-Wahi and are attacked by an ash bear, but are saved by Lewa. He travels with them to Ko-Wahi and they meet Kopaka, but the Rahkshi arrive and the three have to flee. Kopaka defeats them by plunging them into a sea and freezing it. The pair travels to Onu-Koro, where Takua meets Teridax, who tries to convince him to give him the mask. Takua refuses and joins with Jaller but due to a misunderstanding they part and go separate ways. As Jaller arrives in Onu-Koro, the Rahkshi Kurahk, Vorahk and Turahk

Tahu Nuva

attack the village. Takua notices this and joins Jaller to flee. The Toa Nuva join the fight against the sons of Makuta. Tahu gets hit by Kurahk's staff and turns against the Toa, just before Kopaka freezes him. They can stop the Rahkshi for a short while and flee Onu-Koro too.

In the jungle, Kopaka and Gali manage to cure the poisoned Tahu Nuva. In the meantime, Takua and Jaller reach the Kini-Nui temple and are ambushed by three Rahkshi. The Toa arrive and begin to battle them. Jaller sacrifices himself from preventing Turahk attacking Takua. Takua puts on the Mask of Light and transforms into Takanuva, the Toa of Light. He easily destroys the Rahkshi and builds himself a vehicle with Rahkshi parts to travel to Makuta's lair. Inside, he battles Teridax in a Kolhii match. In a struggle, they both plunge into a pool of energized Protodermis. Takutanuva is created, opens the gate to Metru Nui, the city beneath Mata Nui, and brings Jaller back to life. As soon as everyone is on the other side of the gate, the weak Takutanuva lets the gate crush him. Only the Kanohi Avokhii remains and Makuta is thought to be dead.

Turaga Vakama reveals that the Toa Nuva were not the first Toa to be in existence. He tells the history of Metru Nui. The Toa heroes of this city were none other than the Turaga of Mata Nui, in stronger Toa-forms.

2004[edit | edit source]

The 2004-2005 story is told by the Turaga to the Toa Nuva, and happened 1,000 years before the events on Mata Nui took place.

In the city of Metru Nui, a Toa named Toa Lhikan gives six Matoran six Toa stones. The last one is delivered to Vakama, a Matoran crafter. Suddenly, two Dark Hunters, Nidhiki and Krekka, ambush Lhikan. He is imprisoned, but Vakama escapes. The six chosen Matoran go to the Great Temple and meet each other, being transformed into Toa Metru by the stones. Vakama receives a vision, telling him to find six great Kanoka Disks and the Toa team set off to look for them. They eventually find them and travel to the King Root of the recently unleashed Morbuzakh plant, which is damaging the whole city. The Toa Metru defeat the plant and travel to the Coliseum, a Skyscraper positioned in the middle of Metru Nui. They meet Turaga Dume and present him the disks to prove they were indeed Toa, not knowing that Dume is under the influence of Makuta Teridax. Dume falsely arrests them for killing Toa Lhikan and captures Whenua, Onewa and Nuju. The other three Toa can flee through chutes. Turaga Dume orders Nidhiki and Krekka to follow the Toa and capture them. They see the Toa using the chutes and fly to a chute station to reverse the direction of the flow. The three Toa escape though the chute and land on the ground of Ko-Metru.

Toa Vakama

Inside a prison, Nuju, Whenua and Onewa meet an unknown Turaga, who instructs them in finding their mask powers. After trying several times they find them and break out of the prison. In Ko-Metru, Vakama finds out that the Great Disks can fuse together, creating the Disk of Time. The group head to Po-Metru where they are attacked by Nidhiki and Krekka. The attack is interrupted by a herd of Kikanalo. Nokama discovers her mask power of translating languages and arranges a trip on the Kikanalo to the Canyon of Unending Whispers. They find a legion of Vahki, police enforcers of Metru Nui. Since the Toa Metru were not working and were actually doing somewhat illegal tactics according to Vahki law, they were public enemy #1. The Toa Metru and Kikanalo battle the Vahki, Nidhiki and Krekka, with Matau discovering his mask power of illusions. The three Toa finally enter the passage and meet the other three Toa and the unknown Turaga. He reveals himself as the captured Toa Lhikan, as a Turaga. The Toa Metru discover Matoran Spheres with all of the Matoran in them. Teridax, disguised as Turaga Dume, ordered the Matoran to enter the pods to put them in deep sleep for many years until they had their memories wiped, where he would then reawaken them all and then introduce himself as their new leader.

The Toa find a drilling machine and drill themselves to the surface, as the Great Cataclysm occurs. Teridax reveals himself to the Toa and absorbes Nidhiki, Krekka, the hawk Nivawk and the energy of the Coliseum, forming himself a body. The Toa Metru can escape in the Silver Sea and head for the Great Barrier. In the meantime, Vakama creates the Kanohi Vahi, the great Mask of Time. Teridax follows them and confronts Vakama, who uses the Vahi to slow down Teridax's shadow hand. He is saved by Turaga Lhikan, who is severely wounded and dies in Vakama's arms, who then at last discovers his mask power, invisibility. He manages to trick Teridax to grab a giant rock with his shadow hand, which crushes him. The Toa Metru finally seal him in a Toa seal and return to Metru Nui, intending to bring the Matoran to the Island of Mata Nui.

2005[edit | edit source]

Continue their story as the Toa Metru, the Turaga tell how they returned to Metru Nui to find the city damaged and full of green webs. They are attacked by a group of spiderlike creatures, called Visorak. The Visorak wrap them into cocoons and transport them to the Coliseum, which is now under control of Visorak-leader Sidorak and his queen Roodaka. She convinces him to have the Toa Metru mutated, rather than kill them. Sidorak agrees and Roodaka orders the Visorak to set them free after they are transformed into Toa Hordika .

After discovering their mutation, the Toa Hordika meet the Rahaga, also mutated Toa heroes. Norik tells them they had to find the being Keetongu, which is the only creature who can reverse their mutation. Vakama, slowly getting angry about himself not being able to be a good leader, leaves the Toa Hordika. However, since he has no fighting experience with his new body and weapons, he quickly gets caught by Visorak, who transport him to Roodaka. She promises him a good position as a leader of the Visorak horde. Vakama realizes that that is just what he needs and turns against his former Toa team.

Meanwhile, the other Toa and the Rahaga travel to the Great Temple and find a scroll to locate Keetongu. As the Rahaga are inside, Vakama sneaks in and captures all Rahaga but Norik. As the Toa Hordika have enough of waiting outside they go in and find Norik under a pile of Rock. After digging him out, they journey to the place Keetongu inhabits, told to "follow the falling tears until they reach the sky".


Vakama presents the five captured Rahaga to Sidorak, who makes Vakama the commander of the Visorak. Elsewhere, the Toa Hordika and Norik discover Keetongu. He agrees to assist them in their quest to battle the hordes and rescue the Matoran inside their Spheres. The group travels back to the coliseum and face the horde. As they battle the Visorak, Matau spots Vakama and begins to battle him. During their battle, Matau tries to convince him to return to the Toa team. As he mentions their quest to save the Matoran, Vakama finally returns to the good side, and rescues Matau from falling.

Roodaka notices Keetongu climbs up the Coliseum, so she tells Sidorak to finish him. But Sidorak is revealed as a coward only good at commanding. Roodaka reveals her plan to overthrow Sidorak and leaves him alone with Keetongu, who then smashes Sidorak under his fists, killing him.

Roodaka appears on the battlefield and claims her victory, just as Vakama then reveals he has returned to his Toa team. The Toa Hordika fire an elemental blast at her, hitting Makuta's stone in her armor, which releases Teridax from his protodermis cage and teleports Roodaka away. Keetongu transforms the Toa Hordika back to Toa Metru, who then rescue the rest of the Matoran to the surface to the newly formed island Mata Nui, which they named in honour to the Great Spirit. As they release the Matoran from their spheres, the Toa Metru transform to Turaga and begin to inhabit the island with the Matoran.

2006[edit | edit source]

Returning from the Turaga's tales to the present day, The floating world of Voya Nui is introduced. The Matoran of Voya Nui already suffered from Hunger and other problems. As they saw Toa Canisters arriving, they hoped their problems were over. However, the Canisters actually contained the Piraka, once members of the Dark Hunters. After finding out the Matoran's hopes, they pretended to be Toa heroes, but a small group of Matoran grew suspicious. Then the Piraka enslaved and transformed the Matoran, except the small group, who fled. The Piraka continued with their plan to find the fabled Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life by draining the lava of the volcano, Mount Valmai, in where the mask was hidden.

Meanwhile, the Great Spirit Mata Nui is dying. To save his life, the Toa Nuva travel to Voya Nui to find the Mask of Life. After arriving on the island, they are quickly defeated by the Piraka.

Another group of Matoran, this time from Metru Nui, are given the task to save the captured Toa Nuva. They are guided partway by Takanuva, who agrees to follow them only because he feels it was safer if he went along with them. Following them along the way is the Ignika, psychically tracking them as they journeyed into Karzahni's realm, where no Light can penetrate. Takanuva woefully waves goodbye to them as they go forward without him, and he travels back to Metru Nui. Once inside, Karzahni gives them new Kanohi and takes their old ones, except Kongu, who uses a Suletu (Mask of Telepathy), he finds along the way instead. Once there, they meet a Matoran of

Vezon and Fenrakk

Light who tells them of the World that Feeds the World, a mystic place where he came from. Karzahni thought this Matoran died before, but he was really hiding in relatively peaceful areas, and he built a new set of Toa Canisters. The Matoran from Metru Nui rush into them and escape, all the while Karzahni had decided that there is far more to the world than his realm and Artakha, so he must destroy it himself.

During their journey, their canisters are struck by the lightning of the Red Star, transforming them into the Toa Inika. They battle the Piraka but they escape, traveling towards the location where the Ignika is hidden. The Toa Ignika follow them, encountering Protodax and Umbra, defeating them. Finally, the Piraka reached the Chamber of Life and found the seventh Piraka, Vezon. He had found the Ignika before the Piraka had, but on contact, the Ignika fused to the back of his head. It also connected him to a Fenrakk spider.

Meanwhile, Axonn meets his former friend Brutaka, who knocks him out. After healing from his wounds, Axonn travels to the Piraka Stronghold to battle him again. This time, he defeats Brutaka, who is taken away by the Order of Mata Nui member Botar.

Vezon easily defeats the Piraka and nearly does so with the Toa Inika, which arrived shortly after. But they manage to knock Vezon and Fenrakk into the lava, only to see Vezon emerging with an even stronger enemy, the Kardas dragon. During the continued battle, Toa Jaller fires a special Zamor Sphere at Vezon and Kardas, trapping them in a stasis field. Toa Matoro was able to remove the Ignika from Vezon's head, but the stasis field dissolved and Kardas launched a fire beam which hit Matoro, causing him to loose his grip on the mask. It flies up the staircase with the Toa Inika in pursuit.

The mask flies out of the chamber and into the waters that surround Voya Nui. As Toa Hahli swims after it. She faints underwater, but is rescued by a Matoran who comes from below. Dying in the Inika's arms he tells them to help Mahri Nui, the City under the sea. The Toa Inika join the Matoran, Toa Nuva, Axonn, and Botar with Brutaka. Axonn opens a gate to the Cord, in which the Toa Inika can travel to the seabed.

2007[edit | edit source]

The story introduces the evil Barraki warlords, who ruled distant lands in the world of Metru Nui. They had once gained so much power that they almost challenged Mata Nui's own rule. But Makuta Teridax and his allies challenged them in a battle, capturing their lands and imprisoning them. However, Botar arrived and took them to a place called the Pit, a place the Barraki inhabited for the next 80,000 years.

During this time, a landmass broke off Voya Nui and sank into the sea, pulling several Matoran with it. This event was known as the Shattering. The landmass comes to a halt right over the Pit, smashing it open and freeing the Barraki, although they could not travel to the surface. The Matoran, having lost their memory of Voya Nui, begin to harvest the air bubbles which were created by the sinking landmass. They name their city "Mahri Nui".

In the present day, the Ignika plunges into the sea, heading toward Mahri Nui. The Toa Inika follow it, only to realize that they cannot breathe underwater. Axonn opens a gate to the cord, a massive stone cord connecting Voya Nui and Mahri Nui, revealing a passageway to the sea.

The Ignika is discovered by a Matoran named Kyrehx who in turn gives it to Dekar. He learns about its power and decides to destroy it.

Toa Mahri Matoro

Somewhere else, a Matoran named Defilak is questioned by the Barraki Pridak, who wants to find out where the mask is.

The Kanohi Ignika sends out an energy blast, which transforms the Toa Inika into Toa Mahri. It also transforms Dekar into a clone of the dead pit jailer Hydraxon, who had perished during the shattering.

The mask, now in the possession of the Barraki, is given to Nocturn to guard it. But he gets bored and realizes he can kill everything he touches, an effect of the Mask of Life. He leaves, not noticing a Gadunka which took refuge there and is now growing bigger.

Toa Matoro finds out that a Maxilos robot carries the spirit of Makuta Teridax. Hydraxon meets Nocturn and defeats him, finding the mask. He attempts to destroy it but is stopped by Toa Hahli. The Toa travel in the Toa Terrain Crawler, given by Axonn, to battle the Barraki and get the Ignika. Maxilos and Hydraxon meet in a fierce battle.

The Toa destroy the Cord which once attached Voya Nui to Mahri Nui. Voya Nui begins to sink towards the hole it made as it once rocketed up to the surface. Matoro chooses to sacrifice himself to save Mata Nui's life. He swims after the Voya Nui landmass and overtakes it just before it shuts the hole. Matoro puts on the Mask of Life and begins to dissolve, teleporting his Toa team to Metru Nui. The Ignika releases a blast of energy which awakes Mata Nui from death. The Ignika, which has turned silver, falls into the dome of Karda Nui and lands in a swamp.

2008[edit | edit source]

2008 features the return of old favorites: The Toa Nuva. This time, however, they are released in their Adaptive Armor forms, which gives them new weapons and masks shapes, being sent to Karda Nui. There, they form two groups, the Phantoka and the Mistika.

The Phantoka have to save the Matoran of Karda Nui, confronting blinded Makuta and transformed Matoran. They have to find a way to transform the Matoran, defeat the Makuta and save Mata Nui's life.

Being used by former Toa Matoro, the Kanohi Ignika falls into the Swamp of Secrets, creating itself a body and a Skyboard to discover its destiny.

"Toa" Ignika

Takanuva arrives at Karda Nui. He learns about the Matoran, their problem and what has to be done. Takanuva has to find a cure for the infected Matoran, before the energy storm begins.

Meanwhile, the other team, the Mistika have to recover six keystones with the instruction on how to save Mata Nui. They are confronted by another group of Makuta, this time in mutated forms. During the fight, they find all pieces and fit them into the spherical structure of Karda Nui, the Codrex. The Toa Nuva, now all rejoined again, travel into it, not knowing that they are followed by Antroz. Inside, they discover three vehicles to be used to awake the Great Spirit. Before Kopaka can mount the Jetrax T6, it is hijacked by Antroz, which he uses to fly out of the codrex. Toa Pohatu, piloting the Rockoh T3 and Toa Lewa, piloting the Axalara T9, are left in pursuit.

Toa Ignika meets with the other Toa Nuva and agree that he must sacrify his body to awake Mata Nui, just as Matoro did. He flies into the Codrex, dissolving slowly until only the Ignika is left. It falls down to the bottom, activating its purpose and starting a massive energy storm.

The Toa Nuva, now claiming the Jetrax T6 due Antroz's depart, race away with Takanuva and all Av-Matoran, being transformed back by Takanuva and the help of a creature called "Klakk". The Makuta are left behind, being killed by the energy storm. The Toa Nuva make it out of Karda Nui safe, just before Mata Nui awakes. They are welcomed by the Matoran of Metru Nui and the Turaga. But Teridax has taken over the body of Mata Nui, long before the Toa Nuva awaked the robot. He drove out the spirit of Mata Nui as Matoro sacrified himself. As the Toa Nuva awaked the robot, they accidentially awaked Teridax. He banishes Mata Nui into the Ignika and shoots it into outer space. He begins his reign in the Matoran Universe, not knowing that the Kanohi Ignika is on a direct course to the planet Bara Magna.

2009[edit | edit source]

This year, BIONICLE starts a new start in Bara Magna, a planet that has been torn by war and been made into a barren wasteland, but still being capable of supporting life. However, there are no large masses of water, but very few oasis. Seven tribes are known to have inhabited this world: Sand, Fire, Water, Ice, Rock, Earth, and Jungle; members of the Iron Tribe, a tribe long ago disbanded and shunned following the outbreak of a plague within their numbers, also wandered the planet. Agori villagers make up the tribes while Glatorian aid them in combat and protect them. Glatorian do not have control over their elemental powers, but they each carry a Thornax Launcher. The glatorian fight in arenas over supplies and other neccessaties. The Skrall tribe is a corrupt tribe, as they fight other Glatorian in the arena for what they want. They fight other tribes in arenas for land or anything they wish to take, because they know they can't be beaten. When the Skrall fight in the arena, they never show mercy, and they never leave their opponent alive. Tuma, the last member of the leader class of the Skrall, is the main villain on Bara Magna who threatens to take over the entire planet. The Skrall tribe targets Vulcanus, the village of the fire tribe, because this village has nearly no Glatorian anymore. Malum, the

Mata Nui in his new body

secondary Glatorian of Vulcanus was exiled from the tribe due to killing an opponent in the arena. Ackar, the second Glatorian, is experienced but old and not as fit as he once was.

Once a year a great tournament is hold in Atero, the main village of Bara Manga. Several Glatorian of each tribe gather and battle themselves peacefully as a sport. But the arena of Atero is destroyed, after an army of Skrall attack, killing several Glatorian and driving the rest out.

Later, Mata Nui arrives inside the Kanohi Ignika on Bara Magna. He forms himself a body via the power of the mask. After recovering from a Vorox attack, being helped by a beetle which he names Click, Mata Nui travels to Vulcanus, with a lift from Metus, the leader of the Ice Tribe, and meets the tribe leader, Raanu, during a Glatorian fight. Mata Nui saves Ackar from an attack of Strakk, who is soon exiled from the Ice Tribe, and makes friends with him and the Glatorian Kiina and Gresh. On his quest, Mata Nui meets his past and destiny. He convinces all villages to join a battle against the Skrall in which they succeed, severly wounding Tuma, dissolving the Skrall tribe and transforming the traitor of the tribes, Metus, into a snakelike being. The villages unite and pull the scattered village pieces together, revealing that they form a giant robot, similar to Mata Nui's former body.

2010[edit | edit source]

Mata Nui travels to the fortress of the Great Beings, located in the Valley of the Maze. After mastering several hazards, he reaches the fortress. Inside, Mata Nui finds a power source to power the prototype robot in the Bara Magna desert. Returning to his team, he convinces Raanu to use the robot to reunite Bara Magna with the moons. While Mata Nui is trying to pull Aqua Magna and Bota Magna towards Bara Magna to fulfill his destiny, Makuta arrives. He releases several Rahkshi and Skakdi on the planet to eliminate the inhabitants.

Tahu and Takanuva manage to escape the giant robot of Makuta, just to encounter the Kanohi Ignika which turns Tahu into his Toa Mata form. It creates the golden armour and tells Tahu to wear it to end the battle. Makuta noticed this and blasted the place, scattering the golden armour around Bara Magna. He then attempts to destroy Bara Magna with a gravity blast, but fails as Mata Nui deflects the attack to the two moons of Bara Magna, drawing them closer. Takanuva and Gresh fight Rahkshi and several Skrall succeeding in the end and claiming several pieces of armour. Tahu confronts Nektann, battling him and claiming another piece. Tahu finally activates the armour, just before an army of Rahkshi arrives. The armour destroys the Kraata inside of the Rahkshi, thus deactivating them. Makuta, surprised by this event, doesn't pay attention to Mata Nui, who pushes Makuta into the path of an oncoming fragment of Aqua Magna. It crashes into the head of Teridax, killing him. Shortly after, Aqua Magna and Bota Magna collide with Bara Magna, forming Spherus Magna once again. With the last powers of the robot, Mata Nui flourishes the vast desert, before the robot disintegrates. Mata Nui, inside the Ignika again, informs the inhabitants that they can now start a new social system without his influence.

2011[edit | edit source]

Note: These events are canon but no accompanying sets were released due to BIONICLE being discontinued in 2010

As the Matoran and others exit the original Mata Nui robot, Tahu and Gali plan to build the city of New Atero, so Tahu has Onua send three Toa - Chiara, Zaria and Orde - and their guide Gelu to seek out the Great Beings, as Mata Nui's final wish bid them to do. They set off, but were later captured by intelligent Bota Magna Vorox, led by Kabrua. As they are hunted down, they find Kabrua has the ability to shut down Toa powers using the knowledge of a Great Being. Orde is able to probe his thoughts before Kabrua can notice, and learns that the Great Being has actually been hiding in the Matoran Universe.

Meanwhile, Kopaka learns of the Skakdi Fusion's existence, and the Mahri being under its control. He makes Toa Gaaki look into it, while he and Pohatu run into Lesovikk, who speaks of needing to stop Karzahni. He leaves without them, and seeks out Karzahni by himself. At dawn they follow the Toa of Air's tracks, which lead to the dead figure of Karzahni, which appeared to have been stabbed in the back and shoved off a cliff. While the Toa were investigating, a whirlwind comes in, which Pohatu stops before Kopaka freezes it to get some insight. They headed back to the Matoran and Agori camp, which only made rumors about the Toa, spread around the Agori, worse. However when they returned they learned Tahu and Gali, on their New Atero site scouting mission, had seen the possible killer. They went the direction Tahu and Gali gave and headed off. They contemplated about the recent murder, and what they would do if they ran into the killer himself. After three days they ran into a Forest, when, upon entry, were sent mental screams, and images, one representing a Red Star. When they finally headed into the Forest, they found the splattered form of Tren Krom. As they continue to contemplate the mysterious deaths and who might have possibly caused them, Kopaka freezes Gaardus, who reveals himself to be a Matoran, but a horrible test subject to the Nynrah Ghosts. He got smart and escaped from them, and hunted them down until there were none left. He eventually agrees to teleport them to the Red Star, where they run into Three Kestora guards. During this time, the unknown murderer of Tren Krom and Karzahni prepares to give the signal that would lead to the killing of Toa Tuyet, Toa Helryx, Makuta Miserix, Axonn, Brutaka, Artakha, and Vezon. Back in the Red Star, Kopaka is able to freeze the Kestora guards before any trouble occurs, but Gaardus mysteriously disappears, and Kopaka and Pohatu decide to look around. After some time the lights shut off, so Kopaka uses his Kanohi Akaku Nuva to X-ray through the walls. Witnessing some horrifying things he attempts to get himself and Pohatu out of the craft. As the sounds of approaching footsteps get louder, a door opens for the two Toa to enter. The figure who gestured them inside reveals he's Mavrah.

2015[edit | edit source]

Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa fight with the Skull Spiders for the Mask of Creation

On the island of Okoto, two brothers named Makuta and Ekimu create masks for the villagers. Ekimu is especially beloved by the people he serves, but this causes Makuta to become jealous. To prove his worth, he attempts to forge the Mask of Ultimate Power, but when he puts it on his face Makuta is corrupted and Okoto begins to shake. Ekimu attacks his brother and successfully knocks the mask off of his face, but the aftershock casts both brothers into a deep sleep.

Sometime later, six Toa - Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, Pohatu, Lewa, and Onua - arrive on Okoto and set out on a quest to find the golden elemental masks and Ekimu's missing mask, the Mask of Creation, when Okoto is threatened by a coming darkness.

2016[edit | edit source]

After another battle with the forces of Kulta, the Toa receive new masks and armor from Ekimu, and thus go from being Masters to Uniters of the elements. Following a final clash with the Skull Creatures, they set out to find the Elemental Creatures, who hid Makuta's Mask of Control after his long ago defeat. Each eventually finds and bonds with their Elemental Creature, though Lewa is menaced by Makuta's ally Umarak, a deadly hunter. Having learned the mask's location on an island labyrinth, the Toa travel there, but Umarak takes advantage of Pohatu's dislike for his creature to claim the Mask. Makuta then uses the mask to transform Umarak into the monstrous Destroyer, and sets him to recovering the fragments of the Mask of Ultimate Power while the Lava Beasts, Quake Beasts, and Storm Beasts attack the ancient city.

The Toa briefly defend the city before leaving its defense to the Okotans and Creatures and are joined by Ekimu, who has transformed into the Toa of Light. They then set out to stop Umarak from opening a portal to the Shadow Realm and freeing Makuta, only to find that their Elemental Powers are ineffective on the Black Volcano where the portal is forming. After Ekimu sacrifices his Toa form to save the Toa from Umarak, Gali's spirit is drawn into the Shadow Realm, where she learns how to defeat Makuta. Umarak then perishes as Makuta uses his power to complete the portal, but Gali returns to her friends and leads them in unleashing their Elemental Powers in unsion, which banishes Makuta back to the Shadow Realm forever. The Toa, their mission completed and their powers exhausted, then return to the stars from which they came, leaving Okoto in peace.

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