Explorer's Club

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Explorer's Club[edit]

The Explorer's Club is a group of explorers who operate out of a building in Ninjago City, which serves as both a gathering place and a repository for various artifacts. It's members include:

  • Cecil Putnam (voiced by Paul Dobson)-the current head of the club. In "Boobytraps and How to Survive Them" Cecil calls Clutch Powers to inform him that his membership in the club is being revoked. When asked why, he notes that Clutch hasn't done any exploring in over a decade, which is against the organization's charter.
  • Clutch Powers-formerly; membership suspended due to not "exploring" in ten years.
  • Shippeton (voiced by Brian Drumond)
  • Smythe (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite)
  • Underhill (voiced by Kirby Morrow)