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Kapau (known as Kapau'rai following his transformation into an anacondrai) is a Ninjago minifigure released in early 2015. He is one of Chen's henchmen and is a minor antagonist in the fourth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Like most Chen's thugs he have printed dark red hips, purple legs, shirtless torso, a belt with a snake-shaped buckle and a snake head helmet.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.
Heading to the temple

Kapau is a thug working for Master Chen. On the first night of the tournament of elements, Kapau accompanied some of the other cultists through the tunnels to the temple to witness Chen steal Karlof's elemental powers, but they were ambushed and captured by the Ninja, who attended the ceremony in their place. ("Only One Can Remain")

On the fifth day of the tournament, Chope and Kapau were on guard duty for the Kabuki's entrance to the palace. Later, while guarding the bridge to the waterfall, the two began to hear a guitar solo emanating from the waterfall and began dancing to it until they were ordered to search it by Eyezor. Sure enough, the DB X was hidden inside with Dareth jamming out. When Dareth attempted to escape in the DB X, Kapau and the other guards pursued him, and managed to capture the brown ninja. Afterwards, Kapau and Chope returned to the palace and patrolled the labyrinth outside of the factory. ("Spy for a Spy")

Spoilers end here. Descriptions[edit]

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Kapau and Chope don't have a lot of skill or talent, but they have plenty of ambition despite their comical shortcomings. As the battle proceeds, they may find themselves gaining the higher rank they have always wanted...but they may also find themselves in way over their heads!


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 4

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