Commander Cody Figure

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Commander Cody Figure
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Star Wars
    The Clone Wars

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The Commander Cody Figure is a limited edition LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars product, released in 2009, exclusively to Toys-R-Us for a raffle. The figure is limited to 32 units worldwide, 12 of which are in the UK. Toys-R-Us raffled off 12 of these figures to winners selected from those who had filled out an entry form.


This figure was released back in 2009, as part of an effort by LEGO and Toys-R-Us to celebrate the launch of the the Clone Wars. Each is 30 cm high by 18 cm wide, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each also has a unique number, which can be found on a label attached to the figure.


  • Interestingly, this set was raffled in 2009 to 'celebrate' the launch of the Clone Wars, but the Clone Wars was actually launched a year earlier in 2008.

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