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Red cape
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2012, 2014 - 2018

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Thor is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure introduced in 2012.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Avengers[edit | edit source]

Thor has messy hair, the same mould as Dastan's, except in blond. He has a double sided, bearded head with serious and angry expressions. He wears Earth Blue armour, with three circles on each side and grey arms, unprinted earth blue legs and wears a red cape. He has back printing depicting the back of his armour. He wields a new moulded grey hammer which represents Mjølnir.

Avengers Assemble[edit | edit source]

Thor reuses the same hairpiece as the previous, the face is now beardless with yellow eyebrows and dual expressions: neutral and angry . He has red cape and a black torso with light grey arms and flesh hands. The torso is printed with two large light grey circles and two slightly smaller beneath them connected be a thin yellow line, a yellow belt, and the suit's cut on his body. The back features the zig zagging of the yellow lines, the suit's cut on his back, and the continuation of the yellow belt. He has unprinted bright blue legs.

Avengers: Age of Ultron[edit | edit source]

Thor appears again in the Avengers: Age of Ultron wave of sets in 2015. He has a slightly different torso piece and face. He has his hammer and grey handcuffs.

Video Game Variants[edit | edit source]

Thor has two variants in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Thor, based on his variant from The Avengers, and Thor (Classic), which is based on the Avengers Assemble version, but it has bare arms. These characters have identical abilities. In the game, Thor has the ability to attack enemies with his hammer, Mjølnir, which can also destroy cracked LEGO walls and give him the ability to fly. He can also use his hammer to summon lightining from the sky and charge his hammer, which electrocutes all nearby enemies when the charge is complete. After the hammer is charged, Thor can shoot lightining from his hammer, either to attack enemies or to power electricity terminals. If an electricity terminal is activated, Thor needs to re-charge his hammer if he is to shoot lightning from it again.

Background[edit | edit source]

Thor was the son of Odin the All-Father, and Frigga, and step-brother to Loki.

During Thor's ceremony of becoming king of Asgard, three Frost Giants broke into Odin's vault. The Frost Giants were on a mission to retrieve the Casket, an object of great power that once belonged to the Frost Giants. They were defeated by the Destroyer, but Thor's ceremony was interrupted and he decided use Bifrost to travel to Jotunheim to investigate the matter with their king. However, it ended in a huge battle and after he returned, his father Odin branded him reckless and foolish and banished him to Earth.

On Earth, Thor met Jane Foster, an astrophysicist, and her colleague, professor Erik Selvig. He tried to reclaim his hammer from a S.H.I.E.L.D. compound erected around it. He managed to reach it, but could not wield it because he was no longer worthy. He learned on Earth what it meant to be a true hero.

Meanwhile, Loki soon discovered that he was in fact a Frost Giant himself, and had been disguised as a god. When Odin fell into a deep sleep, he became king temporarily and he commanded the Destroyer to go to Earth and kill Thor. This failed, and when Thor returned to Asgard, they had a climatic battle on the bridge, which ended in the Bifrost being destroyed and Loki letting himself fall, disappearing into the unknown.

In The Avengers[edit | edit source]

Thor returned, via Odin summoning dark matter as the Bifrost was destroyed, to take Loki back to Asgard but Loki refused and wanted to rule Earth instead. He then fought with Iron Man and Captain America, ending in the forest being destroyed. Thor was then brought aboard the Helicarrier and informed everyone that Loki had an army called the Chitauri and meant to take over the Earth. During the attack on the Helicarrier, a diversion caused by a mind controlled Hawkeye to help Loki escape, Thor fought with the Hulk trying to reason with him before Hulk attacked a jet. Thor then went to Loki's holding cell to stop him from escaping, attacking a hologram of Loki and was trapped in Loki's cell. He is then forced to watch in horror as Agent Coulson is seemingly killed by Loki, before being ejected from the Helicarrier. Thor escaped the cell shortly before it shatters against the ground.

Thor, furious with his brother, then joined the Avengers which included Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, to protect the Earth from Loki and his newly summoned Chitauri army. He attempted to talk Loki out of taking over the Earth, appealing to his sense of reason, but Loki stabed him in the side and escaped. Thor used his lightning as a way to help the fight, including taking the thunder away from Hulk's smash, much to his anger. After the battle, he took the Tesseract and Loki back to Asgard.

Thor later fought to restore order to the Nine Realms after the Bifrost was destroyed and helped Lady Sif and the Warriors Three (Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun) at Vanaheim, homeworld of Hogun and after the battle, granted Hogun a leave of absence.

In Thor: The Dark World[edit | edit source]

However Thor missed Jane greatly and went to the Bifrost nightly to check on her. When Heimdall couldn't see her for some time, he sent Thor to Earth and upon dicovering that Jane had something inside of her, and brought her to Asgard.

Odin recognized it as the Aether, a power thought to have been destroyed by his father Bor after a fight with Malekith , and informs them that in time it will kill Jane. He also informed them of a rare event called the Convergence which hasn't happened in thousands of years , where the Nine Realms alinged and blurred the lines between realms. Malekith had tried to use this to plunge the universe into darkness, and had returned to finish it.

Malekith had learned of the Aether location and staged an attack on Asgard to reclaim it, sending his right hand Algrim the Strong into the Asgardain prison in disguise and a device to turn him into a monsterous beast called Kurse, to bring down Asgard from the inside. The battle ended in Frigga's death, due to her protecting and hiding Jane, and Thor charring half of Malekith's face with lighting.

Due to Jane dying from the Aether, Thor was forced team up with Loki to save her, as he knew of ways to get out of Asgard undetected and wanted revenge on Malekith too. They successfully escaped Asgard with the help of Heimdall, Sif, Volstagg, and Fandral, and made it to the dark elves home world.

However Loki had betrayed Thor, stabbing him in the side and cutting off his hand when he tried to summon his hammer. Thor watched in horror as Loki made a deal with Malekith, using Kurse's knowledge of him in prison, to get the Aether out of Jane so they could rule the universe together. When the Aether was out of Jane, Thor and Loki attacked revealing that it was all a ruse to get the Aether out of Jane and in the open to destroy it, which Thor failed to do. As Malekith took the Aether into his body and left for Earth, Loki seemingly sacrificed his life to take down Kurse, Thor promised Loki that he would tell Odin of his deeds.

Jane and Thor found a portal that let them return to Earth in London, where Jane was studying some anomalies. While Malekith used the Aether to unleashed the Convergence, Thor battled him with the help of Jane and Selvig bending physics and opening portals to aid in the fight, sending Thor and Malekith to different realms and places. Thor managed to defeat Malekith and sent him to his home world, where he was crushed by his ship.

Thor left for Asgard, and declined Odin's offer for the throne, telling him of Loki's sacrifice (not knowing Odin was Loki in disguise), and going back to Earth for Jane.

In Maximum Overload[edit | edit source]

Thor accompanied Captain America and Spider-Man to Asgard where he told Loki to quit enhancing the heroes' fights.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron[edit | edit source]

Thor and the other Avengers fought and then recruited the mutant brothers Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and stopped Ultron from destroying the world. After witnessing new recruit Vision pick up his hammer, and seeing that Vision had one of the Mindstones in his forehead, Thor left to scour the universe for the other Mindstones.

Notes[edit | edit source] Description[edit | edit source]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Thor™
Exiled from his home dimension of Asgard, the legendary god of thunder had to learn the true meaning of being a hero. Though he once sought to escape the world of mortals, now Thor protects it with all of his superhuman might – and the power of his mystic Uru hammer Mjolnir, with which he can control the storms and lightning. When evil threatens the Earth, the mighty Thor has sworn to defend it!

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Video Game Appearances[edit | edit source]

TV Appearances[edit | edit source]

Gallery of Variants[edit | edit source]

The AvengersAvengers AssembleAvengers: Age of UltronThor: RagnarokThor: Ragnarok (Arena)Infinity War

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The AvengersClassicThor: Ragnarok

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