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[] A userbox is a small colored box which allow users to add small messages on their user page. Feel free to use these on your user page. Common uses for boxes include user interests, user skills, technical information, or Brickipedia activities. To nominate a new userbox, go to Brickipedia:Userbox proposals.


To use a userbox, simply copy the code above any of the userboxes listed below, and paste it onto your userpage. Typing the text {{clear}} after a userbox makes anything after that userbox appear on a new line.

How to make a custom Userbox[edit]

Insert the following code, and change as required: {{userbox|outline colour|main colour|image|Text}}

Brickipedia Userboxes[edit]


{{User adventurers}}:

Adventurers.png This user collected Adventurers LEGO.

{{User agents}}:

Lego Agents.jpg This user collected Agents LEGO.

{{User AC}}:

Alienconquestlogo1.jpg This user collected Alien Conquest LEGO.

{{User alphaTeam}}:

Alphalogo.gif This user collected Alpha Team LEGO.

{{User AB}}:

ABlogo.jpg This user likes The Angry Birds Movie LEGO.

{{User arctic}}:

Arctic.gif This user collected Arctic LEGO.

{{User architecture}}:

Architecture This user collects Architecture LEGO.

{{User atlantis}}:

Atlantis A logo revised 4.png This user collected Atlantis LEGO.

{{User avatar}}:

Logo-avatar.gif This user collected Avatar: The Last Airbender LEGO.

{{User batman}}:

Legobatmanlogo.jpg This user collected Batman LEGO.

{{User belville}}:

Bellvillelogo2.jpg This user collected Belville LEGO.

{{User ben10}}:

Ben10.gif This user collected Ben 10 LEGO.

{{User bionicle}}:

Bionicle logo.jpg This user collected BIONICLE LEGO.

{{User bionicle/new}}:

MoCthumb2.png This user collects BIONICLE LEGO.

{{User blacktronii}}:

Theme-blacktron2.gif This user collected Blacktron II LEGO.

{{User cars}}:

Lego cars 2.jpg This user collected Cars LEGO.

{{user castle}}:

Castlelogo.jpg This user collected Castle LEGO.

{{User city}}:

City This user collects City LEGO.

{{User classicSpace}}:

Theme-space.gif This user collected Classic Space LEGO.

{{User CM}}:

MinifigsLogo.png This user collects Collectable Minifigures.

{{User creator}}

Creator Logo 2.png This user collects Creator LEGO.

{{User dimensions}}:

Dimensions-logo.jpg This user likes Dimensions LEGO.

{{User dino2010}}:

Dino 2010 Logo.png This user collected Dino 2010 LEGO.

{{User dinoAttack}}:

Dino-attack-logo.jpg This user collected Dino Attack LEGO.

{{User dinosaurs}}:

6722 Styracosaurus.png This user collected Dinosaurs LEGO.

{{User discovery}}:

10029 Lunar Lander.jpg This user collected Discovery LEGO.

{{User elves}}:

Elves This user collects Elves LEGO.

{{User exoForce}}:

Exo-Force.png This user collected Exo-Force LEGO.

{{User fabuland}}:

Fabuland-Logo.png This user collected Fabuland LEGO.

{{User friends}}:

Friends This user collects Friends LEGO.

{{User fusion}}:

Fusion logo.jpg This user collects Fusion LEGO.

{{User games}}:

Legogameslogo.jpg This user collected LEGO Games.

{{User GS}}:

GalaxySquadlogo.png This user collected Galaxy Squad LEGO.

{{User heroFactory}}:

Hero Factory This user collects Hero Factory LEGO.

{{User HP}}:

Harrypotter.jpg This user collects Harry Potter LEGO.

{{User hobbit}}:

LEGO The Hobbit.jpg This user collects The Hobbit LEGO.

{{User holiday}}:

Lego Santa.jpg This user collects Holiday LEGO.

{{User IJ}}:

Tbt 0179 brick lego indiana jones.jpg This user collected Indiana Jones LEGO.

{{User insectoids}}:

Theme-insectoids.gif This user collected Insectoids LEGO.

{{User jackStone}}:

Jack Stone - Logo.jpg This user collected Jack Stone LEGO.

{{User juniors}}:

Juniors This user collects Juniors LEGO.

{{User JW}}:

LEGO Jurassic World logo.png This user likes Jurassic World LEGO.

{{User kingdoms}}:

Kingdoms-logo.jpg This user collected Kingdoms LEGO.

{{User kkII}}:

Knight's Kingdom II-Logo.png
This user collected Knights' Kingdom II LEGO.

{{User LOC}}:

CHIMA logo2.png This user collects Legends of Chima LEGO.

{{User speedorz}}:

Speedor.JPG This user collected Speedorz.

{{User LOM}}:

Life on Mars.png This user collected Life on Mars LEGO.

{{User LOTR}}:

Lego lotr.jpg This user collected The Lord of the Rings LEGO.

{{User marsMission}}:

Mars Mission.png This user collected Mars Mission LEGO.

{{User minecraft}}:

LEGO Minecraft logo.svg This user collects Minecraft LEGO.

{{User mixels}}:

Mixels-logo.png This user collects Mixels LEGO.

{{User MF}}:

MonsterFightersLogo.png This user collected Monster Fighters LEGO.

{{User NK}}:

Nexo Knights.png This user collects Nexo Knights LEGO.

{{User ninja}}:

Ninja-Logo.jpg This user collected Ninja LEGO.

{{User ninjago}}:

Ninjago-face.png This user collects Ninjago LEGO.

{{User spinners}}:

21111.jpg This user collected Ninjago Spinners.

{{User outback}}:

Outback.png This user collected Outback LEGO.

{{User paradisa}}:

Paradisa.png This user collected Paradisa LEGO.

{{User pirates}}:

Pirates logo2.jpg This user collected Pirates LEGO.

{{User PM}}:

Power Miners logo.jpg This user collected Power Miners LEGO.

{{User PoP}}:

Prince of Persia Logo.PNG This user collected Prince of Persia LEGO.

{{User POTC}}:

Potc lego logo.png This user collected Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO.

{{User PQ}}:

PHARAOH'S QUEST.jpg This user collected Pharaoh's Quest LEGO.

{{User princess}}:

Disney Princess This user collects Disney Princess LEGO.

{{User rockRaiders}}:

Rock Raiders.png This user collected Rock Raiders LEGO.

{{User SD}}:

LogoOfScooby.jpg This user likes Scooby-Doo LEGO.

{{User seatron}}:

Fullscreen capture 612011 43358 PM.bmp.jpg This user wishes that Seatron LEGO had been made.

{{User SC}}:

55px This user collects Speed Champions LEGO.

{{User SH}}:

SHLogo.png This user collects Super Heroes LEGO.

{{User sofia}}:

45px This user collects Sofia the First LEGO.

{{User space}}:

Space.jpg This user collects Space LEGO.

{{User SP3}}

SP3 userbox (new).jpg This user collected Space Police III LEGO.

{{User spiderman}}:

Legospidey.jpg This user collected Spider-Man LEGO.

{{User spongebob}}:

Kc404-0000-xx-13-1.jpg This user collected SpongeBob SquarePants LEGO.

{{User sports}}:

Sportslogo.jpg This user collected Sports LEGO.

{{User spyrius}}:

Theme-spyrius.gif This user collected Spyrius LEGO.

{{User SW}}:

Star Wars This user collects Star Wars LEGO

{{User studios}}:

Logo.jpg This user collected Studios LEGO.

{{User technic}}:

Technic This user collects TECHNIC LEGO.

{{User TLM}}:

Thelegomovie theme 2.png This user collects The LEGO Movie LEGO.

{{User simpsons}}:

LEGO Simpsons Logo.svg This user collects The Simpsons LEGO.

{{User TMNT}}:

LEGO TMNT.png This user collects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LEGO.

{{User timeCruisers}}:

Time Cruisers.png This user collected Time Cruisers LEGO.

{{User TS}}:

Toy-story-logo.jpg This user collected Toy Story LEGO.

{{User UFO}}:

Theme-Ufo.gif This user collected UFO LEGO.

{{User UA}}:

UltraAgentsLogo.jpg This user collects Ultra Agents LEGO.

{{User unitron}}:

Theme-Unitron.gif This user collected Unitron LEGO.

{{User western}}:

Western-Logo.png This user collected Western LEGO.

{{User WR}}:

World Racers Logo.png This user collected World Racers LEGO.

{{User WTP}}:

LEGOPooh.png This user collected Winnie the Pooh LEGO.

{{User heroica}}:

Pic8DF9195066F31D103AE84D9CFA227C5C.png This user collected Heroica LEGO.

{{User xalax}}:

4578-1.jpg This user collected Xalax LEGO.


{{User addicted}}:

Wiki.png This user is currently addicted to Brickipedia!

{{User edits}} (add {{user edits|{{SUBST:PAGENAME}}}} when adding to userpage):

{{Special:Editcount/{{{1}}}}} This user has made {{Special:Editcount/{{{1}}}}} edits on Brickipedia.

{{User chat}}:

Minifighead-headset.png This user can be found on chat.

{{User female}}:

Hermione 10217.png This user is female.

{{User IRC}}:

Minifighead-headset.png This user can often be found on the Brickipedia IRC.

{{User Wiki age}}:

17 This user joined Brickipedia 17 years, 2 months, 0 days ago as of March 29, 2023.

{{User male}}:

Passenger 3181.png This user is male.

{{User NP Patrol}}:

Cop-torso.jpg This user is a newpage patroller.

{{User recentchanges}}:

Cop-torso.jpg This user is a recent changes patroller.

{{User helper}}:

Wikia.jpg This user is always willing to help any contributor on Brickipedia.

{{User reviews}}:

Green2x2.png This user contributes to Brickipedia Reviews.

{{User patroller}}:

Minifighead-headset.png This user has Patroller rights on Brickipedia.

{{User rollback}}:

Squidman.png This user has rollbacker rights on Brickipedia.

Note: You must have a permission or have performed a certain task to use the following fourteen Userboxes.

{{User admin}}:

Sysop.png This user is an administrator of Brickipedia.

{{User BAG}}:

BAGSeal.png This user is a member of the
Bot Approval Group

{{User bot}}:

Bot.png This user is a bot.

{{User bot-op}}:

Bot op.png This user is a bot operator.

{{User C1}}:

Rating-1-glossy.png This user helped to promote {{{1}}} to Class 1 status.

{{User C2}}:

Rating-2-glossy.png This user helped to promote {{{1}}} to Class 2 status.

{{User CCG}}:

Checkmark green.svg This user is a former member of the CCG Agents.

{{User CB}}:

Builder 7631.png This user is a member of the Brickipedia Construction Builders.

{{User donated}}:

Brickimedia Financial.png This user has donated to the Brickimedia Association that operates Brickipedia.

{{User FA}}:

Rating-fa-glossy.png This user helped to promote {{{1}}} to Featured Article status.

{{User FR}}:

Rating-fa-green-glossy.png This user wrote {{{1}}}, a Featured Review.

{{User grantPatrol}}:

+ This administrator is willing to grant patroller rights to dedicated Brickipedians.

{{User IG}}:

Imperial guards.png This user is a former member of the Imperial Guards.

{{User QCG}}:

Crown Knights.png This user is a member of the Crown Knights.

{{User chatMod}}:

Minifighead-headset.png This user is a Chat moderator.

Other Websites[edit]

{{User brickReviews}}:

Brick Reviews Logo March 2011.png This user contributed to Brick Reviews.

{{User brickset}} (to add your username and/or link to your account userpage see the template page):

Brickset logo 2.png This user is a member of Brickset.

{{User brickshelf}}:

Bsicon.gif This user is a member of Brickshelf .

{{User customs}}:

Customs-Logo.png This user uploads LEGO MOCs on Brickipedia.

{{User cuusooBookmarked}}

IconBookmark.svg This user has followed {{{1}}} Ideas projects.

{{User cuusooCreated}}

IconNew.svg This user has created {{{1}}} Ideas projects.

{{User cuusooFollows}}

IconView.svg This user follows {{{1}}} Ideas users and has {{{1}}} Ideas followers.

{{User cuusooSupported}}

IconSupport.svg This user has supported {{{1}}} Ideas projects.

{{User eurobricks}} (to add your username and/or link to your account userpage see the template page):

Eurobricks logo.png This user is a member of Eurobricks .

{{User ideas}} (to add your username and/or link to your account userpage see the template page):

LegoIdeasLogo.png This user is a member of LEGO Ideas.

{{User legoID}}:

Lego id logo.PNG This user also has a ID.

{{User MOCPages}}:

MOClogo.jpg This user has an MOCPages account.

{{User MLN}}:

Echo.png This user played My LEGO Network


{{User chrome}}:

GoogleChrome.svg This user also contributes using Google Chrome.

{{User firefox}}:

MozillaFirefox.svg This user also contributes using Mozilla Firefox.

{{User IE}}:

InternetExplorer9.svg This user also contributes using Internet Explorer.

{{User opera}}:

Opera.svg This user also contributes using Opera.

{{User safari}}:

AppleSafari.png This user also contributes using Safari.

Operating Systems[edit]

{{User debian}}:

DebianIcon.png This user contributes using Debian.

{{User fedora}}:

FedoraIcon.png This user contributes using Fedora.

{{User linux}}:

TuxMascot.png This user contributes using the Linux kernel.

{{User OSXML}}:

MacOSXMLion.png This user contributes using OS X Mountain Lion.

{{User OSXMavs}}:

MacOSXMavs.png This user contributes using OS X Mavericks.

{{User OSXYosemite}}:

40px This user contributes using OS X Yosemite.

user OS X el cap:

Osx El Capitan logo.svg This user contributes using OS X El Capitan.

user MacOSSierra:

Macossierra.png This user contributes using Mac OS Sierra.

{{User ubuntu}}:

UbuntuIcon.png This user contributes using Ubuntu.

{{User windows7}}:

Windows2006Icon.png This user contributes using Windows 7.

{{User windows8}}:

Windows8Icon.png This user contributes using Windows 8.

{{User windowsVista}}:

Windows2006Icon.png This user contributes using Windows Vista.

{{User windowsXP}}:

WindowsXPIcon.png This user contributes using Windows XP.


{{User AFOL}}:

Businessman.jpg This user is an Adult Fan of LEGO.

{{User bionicleLegendReborn}}:

Movie 2009-09-04 01-20.png This user thinks BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn was awesome!

{{User books}}:

The LEGO Book.jpg This user reads LEGO books.

{{User brickMaster}}:

Brickmasterlogo.gif This user was a LEGO BrickMaster.

{{User clutchPowers}}:

TAOCP box.jpg This user thinks The Adventures of Clutch Powers was awesome!

{{User custom}}:

Yankee Stadium.jpg This user enjoys making their own custom LEGO Sets and Minifigures.

{{User digital}}:

Lego Digital brick.gif This user is a LEGO Digital Designer.

{{User expert}}:

Lego bricks.jpg This user is a LEGO Expert.

{{User gamer}}:

UserGamer2.jpg This user is a LEGO gamer.

{{User LU}}:

Legouniverselogo.jpg This user played LEGO Universe.

{{User LUAssembly}}:

Assembly.png This user was a member of Assembly in the MMOG LEGO Universe.

{{User LUbeta}}:

Legouniverselogobeta copy.jpg This user was a LEGO Universe Beta Tester.

{{User LUParadox}}:

Paradox.png This user was a member of Paradox in the MMOG LEGO Universe.

{{User LUSentinel}}:

Sentinel1.png This user was a member of Sentinels in the MMOG LEGO Universe.

{{User LUVentureLeague}}:

Venture1.png This user was a member of Venture League in the MMOG LEGO Universe.

{{User magazine}}:

LEGOClublogo.jpg This user is a LEGO Club Magazine member.

{{User TFOL}}:

Skater13.jpg This user is a Teenage Fan of LEGO.