Commander Neyo

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Commander Neyo
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Star Wars


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Commander Neyo, also referred to as just a BARC Trooper, is a Star Wars minifigure released in 2014. He is included in the set 75037 Battle on Saleucami.

Description[edit | edit source]

Commander Neyo with his helmet removed.

Commander Neyo has white legs with a black leg joint, with black and grey printing depicting the leg's armour plates. On the side of the right leg is the symbol of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps in dark red, however the symbol is incomplete as it is cut off on the right-hand side. The torso piece is white and features printing on both sides. In addition to the armour plate outlining and detailing done in black and dark grey as found on standard Clone Trooper minifigures is a grey command sash outlined in black. The sash attaches to the belt in two places situated to either side of the main clasp, and joins at the brown shoulder strap on the top right-hand side of the piece. The sash also features two silver buckles, one at bottom of the shoulder strap and one on the left part of the sash. In the center of the piece below the chest plates is another dark red logo of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps. The back printing also has some additional features, including the rest of the sash, with the continuation of the brown shoulder strap at the top, another silver buckle below it, and a grey section attaching to the right-hand side of the belt. It also has an additional thermal detonator located above the back plate but with dark grey areas on each end of the explosive instead of white, and two equipment packs situated between the backplate and the lower thermal detonator. The torso piece has black hands for gloves, a white right arm and a dark red left arm, representing a dark red shoulder pad. Neyo's head piece is the same as the one used for clone troopers since 2013, a flesh-coloured piece featuring black eyes with white pupils, black eyebrows, a mouth with white gritted teeth outlined in black as well as dark flesh outling for cheekbones, a crease for the chin and a mark between the eyebrows. Commander Neyo comes with two accessories- a black blaster and a white helmet. The helmet is one that has been used for clone troopers since 2013, but features a printing pattern unique to Neyo, including a narrow visor as opposed to the traditional clone trooper's "T"-shape, a 91st Reconnaissance Corps logo above the right-hand side of the visor, and a thin dark grey mouth grille, and black areas for breathing filters.

Background[edit | edit source]

CC-8826, nicknamed Neyo, was a clone marshal commander and the commanding officer of the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps. During the Clone Wars, Neyo was deployed to the planet Saleucami during the Outer Rim Sieges, and placed under the command of Jedi General Stass Allie. When Palpatine initiated Order 66, Neyo was patrolling the plains of Saleucami with Allie on BARC speeders. Neyo and his wingman obeyed Palpatine's order and fired on Allie's speeder, who died when the speeder exploded.

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