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TIE Pilot

Star Wars


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Black head
2010 variant
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2015 variant
Rogue One


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2001, 2003 - 2007, 2010 - 2016

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A TIE Pilot, also referred to as a TIE Fighter Pilot or TIE Interceptor Pilot, is a minifigure first released in 2001.

Description[edit | edit source]

The TIE Pilot has all black parts, and printing on the torso and helmet. They originally had helmets similar to those of stormtroopers. In 2010, a new version of the minifigure was released featuring a new helmet design, utilizing the same mould as the AT-AT Pilot's helmet (from 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack). In 2013 a redesigned version, featuring a new torso and new helmet printing, was released in 75008 TIE Bomber & Asteroid Field.

Video game variants[edit | edit source]

In LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the TIE Interceptor Pilot's abilities consist of the following:

  • Can shoot LEGO targets
  • Can grapple LEGO plugs

Background[edit | edit source]

TIE Pilots fly TIE fighters, along with other craft such as shuttles and Imperial landers. Some pilots are trained to be more elite, and pilot better TIE fighters then others, and there are several elite squads in the Empire, such as Avenger Squadron and Skull Squadron.

TIE pilots wear recognizable black armor which has life support systems on it since most TIEs don't have them. Many pilots customize their armor to make them stand out.

One notable TIE pilot was Baron Fel, who rose through the ranks and was the Emperor of the Fel Empire after the Battle of Endor, and he brought the infamous 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, known as the One-Eighty-Worst, up to top shape and made them an elite squadron.

TIE Pilots were used by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War, but were continued to be used by other governments such as the Imperial Remnant, Fel Empire, and various Imperial warlords.

In the series, books, comics, movies, and etc, TIE Pilots are constantly easily defeated by Rebel pilots and other people such as bounty hunters and dissidents, even though most Rebel and other pilots have a lot less experience and training.

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Video game variants[edit | edit source]

TIE Interceptor Pilot
(LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

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