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2005, 2014

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R5-D4 is an astromech droid from the Classic Star Wars theme.


The first R5-D4 has a White body, with mainly Medium Stone Grey printing, white 'legs', and a plain white dome. R5 also has a Brick-Yellow 2x2 round plate in between it's body and dome, making R5 taller than other Astromech Droids.


He was once in the possesion of Jawas led by Nebit, and then sold to Owen Lars. R2-D2 was given orders by Princess Leia to get to Obi-Wan Kenobi under any means necessary, so R2 (supposedly) wrecked R5's motivater so R2 could get off the sandcrawler and find Obi-Wan instead of R5 getting off. After R5 malfunctioned, he was replaced by R2-D2 under the suggestion of C-3PO. The droid was stolen by a Squib as a rescue before the sandcrawler was damaged and killed the Jawas and Nebit and the droids malfunctioned after Sandtroopers came.

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  • R5-D4's 2005 variant is the only Astromech Droid to have an unprinted dome.
  • His 2005 variant is also the only Astromech Droid to have a 2x2 round plate in between his body and dome.

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