B'omarr Monk

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B'omarr Monk
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Star Wars


2003, 2012

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A B'omarr Monk was a cyborg whose body was robotic, but its brain was organic. Many were known to have occupied Jabba's Palace.


Most of the B'omarr Monk is built out of Black parts: 4 katanas, 4 arm-like pieces, a piece that has a round bottom and 4 studs, and 1 2x2 round piece that has a hole in it. There is one part in Transparent piece, which is an orb and a stud, which is the brain, in Transparent Fluorescent Reddish-Orange.


In the Star Wars universe, B'omarr Monks begin their lives as humanoids, but when a monk became enlightened, he no longer required a physical body, and his brain was removed from the body by lesser monks. When the brains needed to travel around their monasteries, they would use BT-16 Perimeter Droids.


  • They can be ridden in some LEGO Star Wars video games, though this never occurs in the movies.


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