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Droid Brain

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A Droid Brain is a Star Wars droid figure that pilots TIE/d Automated Fighters and Vulture Droids. It was the first droid from the Star Wars Legends and is exclusive and unique to the set 10131 TIE Collection.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Droid Brain has a black, dome-shaped body. It has a transparent red circular base, and a transparent red stud on top.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ace-6 droid brains were built by Cybot Galactica to control the Imperial Remnant's TIE/D automated TIE fighters. They were unleashed in these fighters upon the forces of the New Republic.

Although having more advanced programming than the CIS' Battle Droids, Droid Brains did not retain dogfighting tactics or common intelligence, making human and other organic pilots far superior - and inevitably giving the New Republic an advantage.

They were discontinued following their failures in combat, leaving Imperial dreams of a perfect droid army to fade.

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