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This article is about the minifigure first released in 2015. For the Stormtrooper variant with a similar name first released in 2007, see Shadow Stormtrooper.
Shadow Trooper

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A Shadow Trooper is a minifigure from the Star Wars theme released in 2015.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Shadow Trooper's leg piece is Dark metallic grey with a black leg joint. The printing on the legs depict power cells on the right leg and a knee plate on the left, both of which are outlined in black, and also feature some dark grey shading. The power cells on the right leg have a ridged appearance to them, and there is a black gap between the armour showing above the cells. Two black lines on each leg run up the legs from the power cell and the knee plate. A black outline is used to represent the armour's chestplate, and also has black lines running down off the chestplate. Black areas on the top and sides of the piece, representing gaps between the chest and shoulder plates are also present. A thick dark grey line surrounds this area of the armour plating. Below the plate, a thick black line is present. The stomach area features box-shaped control panels which are outlined in black, and have a few controls printed on in black and dark grey. Below this area is the trooper's belt, which has a ridged appearance and is outlined in black, with some thin dark grey lines also used. The back of the piece also has printing. Like the front, black gaps for the neck and shoulders are present with the thick dark grey outlining for the top armour plate. In the centre of the backplate is a box-shaped area outlined in black, with a black outlined circle and two rectangles also outlined in black, which are joined together by two black lines. Below the backplate is the back of the belt, outlined with a thick black line, and hanging off the belt is a thermal detonator which has black outlining, and also some grey areas on the thermal detonator's clip. The Shadow Trooper's head piece is the one originally used for Clone Troopers in 2013: a flesh-coloured piece featuring black eyes with white pupils, black eyebrows, a mouth with white gritted teeth outlined in black as well as dark flesh outling for cheekbones, a crease for the chin and a mark between the eyebrows. The Shadow Trooper's helmet is the same mould as the one used for standard Stormtroopers. It has printing for a black mouth grille with dark metallic grey stripes, black visual sensors around the eye areas with a black horizontal strip above the sensors which represents a rubber guard. At the end of each side of the guard is a sand blue area outlined in black, each repesenting a filter. Below the visual sensors are sand blue, curved shapes outlined in black depicting heat dispensation vents. Black and dark grey printing is used on the bottom of the helmet at the front with three dots (one large in the middle, one smaller one to either side), and a number of small stripes are on the sides of the bottom of the piece, which represents further filters for breathing and airflow. The whole face area of the helmet is shaded in dark grey. In addition to the helmet, The Shadow Trooper comes with one other accessory- a black stud shooter with a dark stone grey trigger, which can fire transparent red studs.

Background[edit | edit source]

Shadow Troopers were specialised Stormtroopers deployed on various operations, usually under the command of members of the Shadow Guard. Shadow Troopers known to have fought Darth Vader's apprentice-turned-Jedi Galen Marek on locations such as Bespin and the first Death Star. These troopers possessed stealth capabilities, allowing them to seemingly vanish for short periods of time.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • LEGO refers to these minifigures as Shadow Stormtroopers. However, in the Star Wars universe, Shadow Stormtroopers were never affiliated with the Shadow Guard, have black armour, and were under the command of the Director of Imperial Intelligence. Therefore, this article refers to the troopers by their correct "in-universe" name.

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