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Imperial Crew

Star Wars


Black uniform
Grey uniform


Black cap
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The Imperial Crew is a minifigure which first appeared in 2014.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Crew minifigure features a black leg piece which has grey printing on both legs and the leg joint, representing creases and folds in the crew member's uniform. This continues to the torso, which has further such crease printing on both the front and back of the piece. Additionally, the torso piece has silver printing for a belt buckle, and features black arms with flesh-coloured hands. The Imperial Crew's head piece is flesh-coloured, and features a serious expression, with darker facial outlining, black eyebrows, mouth, and black eyes with white pupils. In addition, a silver and black headset is printed down the right-hand side of face. This minifigure comes with two accessories- a black hat and blaster pistol.

Background[edit | edit source]

Crewmembers of the Imperial Navy were lower-ranked officers who worked in a variety of places, including Star Destroyers. These members of the Empire had a wide range of roles, including communications officers, operating tractor beams, internal security and detention officers.

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