Death Star Gunner

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Death Star Gunner

Star Wars


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Black helmet
Black firing blaster
    Transparent red stud ammo


2014, 2016

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A Death Star Gunner is a Star Wars minifigure first released in 2014 in 75034 Death Star Troopers.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Death Star Gunner minifigures feature identical black leg pieces which have grey printing on both legs and the leg joint, representing creases and folds in the gunner's uniform. This continues to the torso, which has further such grey printing on both the front and back of the piece, outlining the gunner's bodysuit. Additionally, the torso piece has silver printing on the belt for a buckle and two metallic sections to either side of the buckle, and features black arms with black hands representing gloves. The difference between the two versions of the Death Star Gunner is the headpiece- both are flesh-coloured, and feature silver and black headsets printed down the right-hand side of face, with darker facial outlining, black eyebrows, and black eyes with white pupils. However, the expressions on the two heads are different- one has a serious expression with a closed black mouth, while the other has an open mouth with white teeth showing. Both Death Star Gunners have the same accessories- one being a black firing blaster with a dark grey firing pin, and transparent red studs for ammo (a total of ten studs are included in the set for the two gunners). Perhaps the most iconic feature however for the Death Star Gunner is the black helmet which is a piece designed specifically for this minifigure. The piece has a small visor in the front, with the area under the visor protruding out the front and towards the back, the helmet gradually curves downward. The helmet also features blue, dark red and silver dots on a panel on the left-hand side and a Galactic Empire logo in silver on the front of the piece.

Background[edit | edit source]

Imperial gunners were members of the Imperial Navy pilot corps who manned weapons systems on various installations owned by the Galactic Empire. Gunners who were stationed on the first and second Death Stars were known as Death Star gunners. These Death Star gunners had an additional job to what most Imperial gunners were commonly tasked with- maintaining the energy balance in the Death Star's superlaser. For maximum efficiency, 168 Death Star gunners were required to fire the superlaser.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The two heads of the Death Star Gunners are the same as the ones used for the different variants of the Imperial Crew.

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