Fly Monster

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Bzzz. Bzzz? Bzzz!
―Fly Monster
Fly Monster




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Fly Monster is a minifigure released in 2015.


The Fly Monster has a new headpiece which features enters its antennae, circular mouth and transparent red compound eyes. The Fly Monster has transparent brown circular wings. The Fly Monster's torso features a medium grey outlined thorax, with earth green spikes surrounding it. The Fly Monster has black arms. His left arm has a black hand, while his right arm has a dark red claw. His black hips finish off the thorax print. The top of his black legs have earth green spikes below the end of the throax.


The Fly Monster was born a housefly but changed into a monster by the Monster Scientist. The Fly Monster is easily frightened and isn't very smart as he still has the brain of a fly.


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