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“Hee-hee-ha-ho-hoo! This will be my greatest creation yet!”
―Monster Scientist
Monster Scientist



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Monster Scientist is a minifigure released in 2015.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Monster Scientist has a large cylinder shaped bright yellow headpiece. The headpiece has wrinkles and eyebrows printed at the front. The end of the headpiece has black goggles with blue lenses. Inside the lenses are his black crooked eyes. The rear end of his headpiece features spikey light grey hair. The head under features light grey eyebrows and thick mustache. He has black eyes with white pupils. The scientist has an open mouth that portrays him gnashing his white teeth. The Monster Scientist's torso features a white lab coat print. It has square shaped buckels going up the left side. The bottom is printed with a belt and the right side is printed with magenta stains. The Monster Scientist has short white sleeves. He also wears black gloves which go halfway up his arms. The top half of the Monster Scientist's legs are white and continues the the square shaped buckles going up the left side. The other half of his legs portray black boots.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Monster Scientist loves to invent things. He's made various things such as butter-resistant toast to rocket-propelled shoelaces to giving himself a bigger brain. He usually just makes various types of monsters such as the Fly Monster.

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