Spider Lady

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Vould you like to meet my friends? I do hope you’re not too ticklish!
―Spider Lady
Spider Lady



Baron von Skitters



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Spider Lady is a minifigure released in 2015.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Spider Lady has a black beehive hairdo with a silver spiderweb printed in the top right corner. The Spider Lady has white skin. She raised black eyebrows over her black eyes with white pupils. Her eyes are decorated in medium lavender and lavender eyeshadow. The Spider Lady has a closed smiling mouth, with her fangs visible. Her mouth is decorated in bright red lipstick. The Spider Lady wears a transparent cape with black spider web design. The Spider Lady's torso is mainly black. It has a low cut neckline which reveals a silver spider shaped necklace. The top corners of her torso have bright red spider webs, while the bottom corner have bright red feminine curves. There's a silver spider in the bottom center of her torso. The Spider Lady has black arms and white hands. The Spider Lady wears a long black dress piece. There's a large bright red spider web printed at the front, with two silver spiders crawling upon it.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Spider Lady is a vampire who is obsessed with spiders, she uses spiders in home decorating, clothing and even has a few pet spiders. She is attracted to the Fly Monster, who is not fond of her.

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