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This article is about "The Canary" from the Arrow universe. For the comic-book character, see Black Canary.
Sara Lance

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Sara Lance, also known as The Canary, is a playable character in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sara Lance was the daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance, and Laurel's younger sister. When she was 20, Sara was aboard a yacht owned by Laurel's boyfriend, Oliver Queen, when it sank. However, Sara managed to survive, and after floating on a piece of the yacht for several days, was found by a ship commanded by a Dr. Anthony Ivo, who was searching the nearby islands for a serum created by the Japanese during World War II, known as Mirakuru. This sereum could grant super strength and allow people to heal quickly. After working with Ivo on the ship for a year, she was reuinited with Oliver, who was captured by Ivo's men after surviving on the island of Lian Yu after the yacht was destroyed. Sara, whose loyalties were with Ivo at the time, tricked Oliver into contacting his friends Shado and Slade on the island.

However, Sara eventually came over to Oliver's side. When Ivo and his guards were overpowered by Shado and Slade, they escaped along with Oliver, who grabbed Sara who chose to go with them. The four managed to find the Mirakuru, and decided to use the serum on Slade who was badly wounded in an attempt to save his life. However, the serum appeared to kill Slade instead, and Shado, Sara and Oliver were taken by Ivo and his men who caught up with them. Ivo told Oliver that he would kill either Sara or Shado, and he had thirty seconds to decide which to save, and if he didn't decide, he would kill them both. Oliver ended up choosing Sara, and Ivo shot Shado. Soonafter, Slade appeared, healed by the Mirakuru, who drove Ivo and his guards away. Sara lied to Slade, telling him that Ivo shot Shado for no reason, not that Oliver allowed Ivo to kill the woman Slade loved. Oliver, Sara and Slade then began to plan an attack to take control of Ivo's ship and escape from the island. During that time, Sara and Oliver began to notice Slade having problems with staying in control mentally, a side-effect of the Mirakuru.

Slade, Sara and Oliver together managed to take control of the ship, with the help of some of the ship's prisoners that Ivo was experimenting on. However, Ivo revealed to Slade the true circumstances of Shado's death, and Slade, in his unbalanced state from the Mirakuru, turned on Oliver and Sara. Oliver and Sara escaped from the ship with a number of the former prisoners, back to Lian Yu.

Sara tells Oliver that a cure for the Mirakuru is locked away in Ivo's room on the ship, so they sneak back onto the ship with a plan to either save Slade or, with the help of some of the prisoners, kill him by destroying the ship. Oliver and Sara find the cure, but Slade finds them and they are captured. However, as Slade was preparing to kill the two of them, the prisoners destroy the ship, ripping it apart. Oliver and Sara attempted to defeat Slade together, but Slade threw Sara away, through a crack in the sinking ship, and she was once again separated from Oliver.

Some time later, Sara was taken in and trained by the Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins, and was given a new name by them- Ta-er al-Sahfer, or, The Canary. However, after several years, not wanting to be a killer anymore, escaped from the league, and returned to Starling City, deciding to become a crime fighter. She once again found Oliver, who was living a double life as the Starling City vigilante known as The Arrow. For some time, Sara worked with Oliver, Felicity Smoak and John Diggle to take down villains, and the team later discovered that Slade had survived Ivo's freighter, even after Oliver put an arrow through Slade's eye and left him for dead after Sara was thrown out of the ship. Sara participated in several missions to bring Slade down, however at one point left the team for some time, not telling anyone where she was going. Later, when Slade attacked Starling City with his army of Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers, Sara returned with seven members of the League of Assassins, as she agreed to rejoin the League if they helped her to stop Slade's army. Ultimately, with the help of injection arrows filled with the Mirakuru cure that Oliver and his team had managed to acquire, Slade and his army were defeated. Later, Sara said goodbye to her family and left with the members of the League.

Months later, Sara returned to Starling City and visited her sister Laurel. After Laurel left the top of the building they were meeting on, Sara was shot by three black arrows and fell off the building into an alley below, where Laurel found her body. It was later revealed that she was killed by Oliver's sister Thea, who at the time was under the influence of a drug that Thea's father and rogue member of the League of Assassins, Malcolm Merlyn, gave to her.

Some time later, Sara rose from the Lazarus Pit, resurrected, and became the White Canary.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Arrow Pack DLC refers to Sara as the "Black Canary", however she was only ever referred to as "The Canary" and later the "White Canary" in the Arrow universe. Her sister Laurel takes on the identity of the "Black Canary" after Sara died.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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