7139 Ewok Attack

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Ewok Attack
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Scout Trooper


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Star Wars
    Episode VI Return of the Jedi

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7139 Ewok Attack is a Star Wars set released in 2002. It is made to represent the Battle of Endor, a battle that occurred in the sixth Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi. Included were Wicket, Paploo, one Scout Trooper, and one Stormtrooper minifigures.


This set is composed of three different models. The first was a speeder bike used by a Scout Trooper. It was made to mimic the Speeder Bikes used in Return of the Jedi. It resembles a brown and black, floating motorcycle, with two long blasters mounted in the front. It has a handle bar for the scout trooper to control it with. The second model is a catapult. This was made, along with the third model, to represent the Ewoks primitive fighting technology, which they use to combat the Empire's Scout Troopers. The third model is an Ewok glider, which is used by Wicket to fly through the battlefields.


Included with the set is a Scout Trooper, a Stormtrooper (with a yellow head),Wicket and Paploo. Both included variants of Wicket and Paploo are exclusive to this set.


This set was made to represent a fraction of the Battle of Endor. The Battle of Endor was a fictional battle in the Star Wars movie, Episode VI Return of the Jedi, chronologically the sixth installment of the movie series. The Rebel Alliance discovered that a shield generator was placed on the forest moon of Endor. The shield generator was protecting the second Death Star, the Rebel Alliance's next target. If the Death Star II could be destroyed, the Alliance would finally defeat the Empire. The Rebel Alliance sent a group of soldiers, including General Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and two Rebel Commandos, to the planet to destroy the shield generator. The Rebels soon met the planet's native species, the Ewoks. The Ewoks and the Rebels eventually came to an agreement, that they must work together to defeat the Empire. Thus the Battle of Endor began. The Ewoks raged an attack towards the mighty Imperial Scout Troopers and Stormtroopers. This set is depicting Ewoks, Wicket and Paploo, attacking the Imperial soldiers with their primitive technology, such as rocks and slingshots. Description[edit]

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The Ewoks are ready to defend their world from the Empire! Shoot stones at the stormtrooper with the Ewok catapult, or drop a rock from the Ewok hang-glider to slow down the Imperial speederbike.

  • Includes Ewoks, stormtrooper, and biker scout minifigures!

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