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75049 Snowspeeder

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Star Wars
    Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

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75049 Snowspeeder is a Star Wars set released in June 2014.


The set features a Snowspeeder with spring-loaded missiles under the wings, and a firing harpoon.[1] Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Battle the Imperial Forces with the super-sleek Snowspeeder™!

Lead Rogue Squadron with Luke Skywalker™ in the streamlined Snowspeeder™! Place him and gunner Dak Ralter™ in the dual cockpit with their weapons and attack with the spring-loaded shooters hidden under each wing. Target the Imperial Snowtrooper™ with the rear stud blaster or convert it to fire the harpoon hook and take down the 75054 AT-AT™ (sold separately). Then take the action to the ground with the tripod gun. Recreate the classic Battle of Hoth from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back!

  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Luke Skywalker™, Dak Ralter™ and a Snowtrooper™
  • Features an opening dual cockpit for 2 minifigures with weapons, rear stud blaster with 5 studs plus cable and harpoon attachment, 2 hidden spring-loaded shooters with spare missile, and opening wing flaps with engine details
  • Also includes a tripod gun
  • Weapons include a blue lightsaber for Luke Skywalker™, blaster for Dak Ralter™ and a blaster rifle for the Snowtrooper™
  • Pilot the streamlined Snowspeeder™ with Luke Skywalker™
  • Fire the hidden spring-loaded shooters
  • Fend off Snowtrooper™ attacks with the stud blaster
  • Convert the stud blaster to fire the harpoon
  • Measures over 1” (5cm) high, 7” (18cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide
  • Collect the 75054 AT-AT™ and recreate the classic Battle of Hoth from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back!

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PriceUS [[USPr
US $29.99
DE €34.99
UK £34.99
AU $59.99

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CA $39.99
FR €42.99
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