7261 Clone Turbo Tank

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Clone Turbo Tank
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Commander Bly
Mace Windu
Clone Trooper (One in 2005 release, two in 2006 release)
Clone Aerial Trooper
Clone Scout Trooper
Battle Droid (Two)


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May 2005 (Re-released in May 2006)


Star Wars
    Episode III Revenge of the Sith

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7261 Clone Turbo Tank is a Revenge of the Sith set released in 2005. It includes Commander Bly, Mace Windu, Clone Trooper, Clone Aerial Trooper, Clone Scout Trooper, and two Battle Droid minifigures. In addition to that, it contains a BARC speeder, a generic stationary turret and an E-Web style turret that could be used by droid minifigures.


7261 Clone Turbo Tank has many features including two cockpits on each end which can be opened to seat minifigures at the controls, opening side doors with an interior to hold minifigures or the blaster cannon also included in the set, one side door on each side which can be opened to reveal the engine compartment, posable weapons on the top of the Turbo Tank and then finally a spotter that can be raised and lowered which a minifigure can rest on.


Clone Turbo Tank is the nickname given to the HAV/w A6 Juggernaut and was a tumbling war machine. The LEGO tank came with seating for one pilot in the front cockpit and two at the rear, although in the Star Wars Universe, the tank had 12 pilots. The tank had a spotter that kept a lookout from the top of the tank, but the spotter was vulnerable as he was exposed to gunfire. It took part in the Battle of Kashyyyk and The First Battle of Felucia, along with many other battles under the Republic and numerous smaller battles under the Galactic Empire. There is controversy about which side of the tank is the front. It is believed the front is the bigger side, but many think it can go either way.


  • This set has two versions. The first version was released in 2005, and featured a Light-up Lightsaber Mace Windu. This enabled you to press the top of the Mini-figure's Head and the Lightsaber would light-up. However, you couldn't take the Mini-figure apart, except for the Purple Lightsaber Blade.
  • The second version of the set was released in Summer 2006. This version of the set came with a normal non light-up Mace Windu minifigure, which was similar to the 2005 version, and included an extra Episode III Clone Trooper minifigure and blaster. This version also had some readvised techniques throughout the build of the set. Some Technic Pins were made longer for a more sturdy and stronger build. It doesn't effect the appearance so both version's of the Clone Turbo Tank look exactly the same, apart from when you build each set you will notice the difference with some of the Technic Pins, a very minor change. It also had a smaller instruction booklet.
  • The clone trooper with a pauldron in this set was originally referred to as simply a Clone Trooper, however, with the release of 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack, it was renamed to a Star Corps Trooper. The minifigure was renamed yet again in 2014 when a display at the 2014 Comic-Con International: San Diego confirmed him to be Commander Bly.

Minifigures included[edit]

2005 Version

Later released 2006 Version Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Help Mace Windu defend the Jedi Knights!
Here comes the massive clone turbo tank, flanked by the swift BARC speeder and ready for battle.

  • Detailed set features a working suspension so the Clone Turbo Tank can handle tough terrain!
  • Includes 3 Clone Troopers, Kashyyyk Trooper, 2 Battle Droids, Aerial Trooper and Mace Windu.

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