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8010 TECHNIC Darth Vader

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8010 Darth Vader is a Star Wars TECHNIC set released in 2002. It shares a similar build with the TECHNIC Stormtrooper figure. Like other TECHNIC Star Wars sets at the time, it had limited possibility, with its arm capable of being moved up and down using levers on the figure's back. Additional levers allow the fingers of the left hand to open and close, or raise the lightsaber in the right hand up and down. The head can also tilt in different directions but apart from these, the figure is not posable and is intended more for display .


  • 8010 Darth Vader is noted in the theme for bearing a particularly close likeness to the movie character, although some fans do take issue with its glowing red eyes.
  • The only part in this set which is not made out of regular LEGO bricks is the cape.

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