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66341 Star Wars 3 in 1 Superpack

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Star Wars 3 in 1 Superpack
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Clone Trooper (The Clone Wars) (Two)
Clone Trooper (Episode III)
Clone Gunner
Clone Commander
Assassin Droid (Three)
Elite Assassin Droid (Two)
Barriss Offee
Battle Droid (Two)
Super Battle Droid


DE €60.99


6 - 12


January 2010


Star Wars
    The Clone Wars

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66341 Star Wars 3 in 1 Superpack was released in January 2010 as part of the LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars line.


Included are two Clone Wars Clone Troopers, one Episode III Clone Trooper (New Design), one Clone Gunner, one Clone Commander, three Assassin Droids, two Elite Assassin Droids, two Battle Droids, one Super Battle Droid, and Barriss Offee minifigures. This combo pack consists of the sets 8091 Republic Swamp Speeder, 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack, and 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack.

Minifigures Included[edit]

Assassin Droid Silver.jpg
Assassin Droid Silver.jpg
Assassin Droid Silver.jpg
41vEhM0KFfL. SL500 .jpg
Battle Droid.jpg
Battle Droid.jpg
Clone Trooper Commander.jpg
Clone Gunner-2.png
Clone Trooper.jpg
Clone Trooper.jpg
Clone TrooperEp3 small.jpg
Super Battle droid.jpg
Assassin DroidAssassin DroidAssassin DroidBarriss OffeeBattle DroidBattle DroidClone CommanderClone GunnerClone Trooper (Clone Wars)Clone Trooper (Clone Wars)Clone Trooper (Episode III, new design)Elite Assassin DroidElite Assassin DroidSuper Battle Droid


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Ages6 - 12 +
DEPrice€60.99 +
Image66341-Boxart-3D.jpg +
Img1Assassin Droid Silver.jpg +
Img10Clone Trooper.jpg +
Img11Clone TrooperEp3 small.jpg +
Img12EAssassinD.jpg +
Img13EAssassinD.jpg +
Img14Super Battle droid.jpg +
Img2Assassin Droid Silver.jpg +
Img3Assassin Droid Silver.jpg +
Img441vEhM0KFfL. SL500 .jpg +
Img5Battle_Droid.jpg +
Img6Battle_Droid.jpg +
Img7Clone Trooper Commander.jpg +
Img8Clone Gunner-2.png +
Img9Clone Trooper.jpg +
InfoboxTemplateSet +
Item №66341 +
MinifiguresClone Trooper (The Clone Wars) (TwDroid]] (Two)
Super Battle Droid +
Pieces342 +
PriceDE €60.99 +
ReleasedJanuary 2010 +
SetTypeRegular sets +
ThemeStar Wars
    The Clone Wars +
TitleStar Wars 3 in 1 Superpack +
Txt1Assassin Droid +
Txt10Clone Trooper (Clone Wars) +
Txt11Clone Trooper (Episode III, new design) +
Txt12Elite Assassin Droid +
Txt13Elite Assassin Droid +
Txt14Super Battle Droid +
Txt2Assassin Droid +
Txt3Assassin Droid +
Txt4Barriss Offee +
Txt5Battle Droid +
Txt6Battle Droid +
Txt7Clone Commander +
Txt8Clone Gunner +
Txt9Clone Trooper (Clone Wars) +
TypeSet +